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Shameless plug for my bestie

Published January 31, 2014 by kemeah

So, I convinced my best friend to create a blog. He really needed a place to share all his ramblings about comics and movies, plus post his videos.

If you’re into superheros check out his superhero chat videos!

Plus if you’re bored tonight and love horror games, he’s going to be live streaming Amnesia at midnight (eastern time) while he’s home alone in the dark.



Why am I still watching this?

Published January 26, 2014 by kemeah

So I had a bunch of people tell my how much I’d like the show Once Upon a Time, for varying reasons, mostly the costumes of the fairy tale characters. I’m a big fan of the Grimm Fairy Tales comic series (though I’m massively behind with it and all its spin offs).



Anyway, I’m like 13 episodes into Once Upon a Time and I’m not sure why I’m still watching it. Its not as good as everyone made it out to be, and I’m being to question what the people who recommended this to me think about me. Lol, Have any of yall watched this series? Does it get better? Am I just missing something?

Oh, in other news I finished a few more sets of ears:


One of the sets is for one of my little sisters, I’m really excited she asked me for a pair because I don’t really get to talk to her much since I left home.

oh and sweater with spikes on it!


It was fun to wear until i tried to take a nap in it, lol.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and will have a great week!

Snowed in Again

Published January 22, 2014 by kemeah

So, once again the hubby and I are snowed in. I’m a little bummed because I was supposed to teach a first aid class today. Also, our heater’s broken, so I’m hunkered down under a bunch of blankets. 

I was right in my last post, my hubby was getting tired of all my questions about Gundam. We started watching it again. I really enjoyed the original series, but now were on the series that are between Mobile suit Gundam and Z Gundam. Currently this:



Or, as I have started calling it: Top Gun the anime.  My hubby is such a fanboy, he pauses the show seriously every 5 minutes to tell me more info about the show….. I just want to know what’s going on in my video game…. This series has nothing to do with it, lol. I can’t wait to get to Z Gundam though! 

While my hubby is getting me to watch Gundam with him, my best friend got me hooked on Kamen Rider. Especially:


I have become an absolute fangirl of Kamen Rider W.  The small downside is that its subbed, I do prefer that for live action shows, but it makes it so hard to multitask while watching. W is unique because there are two people as one Kamen rider, like both of their consciousnesses in one body. So, it’s pretty awesome watching the character development between the two partners. (I’m going to stop before I start giving away plot). 

We’re currently watching:


Kamen Rider Decade. This guy is traveling through 9 different worlds to help the Kamen Rider of that world (and gaining their abilities). I’m enjoying it but my bestie spoiled me starting with W, but I’m being promised the end of this series gives me more background on W. ^-^  

That’s it for now, thanks for putting up with my ramblings.  

How’s your weekend going?

Published January 19, 2014 by kemeah

I made myself go out today. Please tell me me wearing my cat hoodie to go buy yarn is as funny as my hubby and I thought it was.



I’ve begun to attempt to crochet again, this is what I’ve managed to come up with so far:


I came up with these out of boredom, and have actually had a few friends and family members ask me to make some for them. So, the hubby and I ran amok in the craft store today. (he wants me to start selling ears… I’m not so sure).

The rest of the weekend has been mostly full of video games. I’ve been bouncing between Pokemon X (I just caught Xerneas) and Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 (I think the hubby is getting tired of me going “hey, what series is this one from?”). Also, my best friend got me hooked on an app, The Simpsons Tapped Out…… He just wanted a neighbor to visit, lol.

We ran into a couple of my hubby’s coworkers while we were out and he was going on about beating Bioshock Infinite in two days; I got asked if I was a video game widow, I kind of laughed at them. That might have been kind of mean of me….

Also, caterpillar sushi:


Well, that’s it for now. How was yall’s weekends?  

Snow Day!

Published January 16, 2014 by kemeah


Picture by Miu, found here:

I spend a good portion of my childhood in Georgia, I think we got one snow day the whole time I was in school there.  Now that I live in the frozen north, we occasionally get days like today, where work calls and says don’t come in due to the weather.

Snow days are just as awesome as an adult!



I get to spend the day in my pajamas, under my electric  blanket, playing video games. Hmmm, now what to play?

Sometimes it’s the little things

Published January 15, 2014 by kemeah



Nerd goth from

(check out all the gothic (stereo)types)

So, I’ve been in a pretty crappy mood lately. It’s freaking cold here (like -45 last week), so called friends beg me to go out then stand me up, hubby’s a grump, the internet is full of assholes (hopefully present company excluded), my game group picks on me when I win, I’m having more problems with my back, my coworkers are a pain, etc. Yah, I’ve been kind of wanting to complain…. sorry.

Anyway much to my best friend’s dismay, I’ve been a pain to cheer up and to be around. The darnedest thing perked me up today.  At work, I went out to help another section set up some equipment. There was another female there and while we were waiting we were chit-chating (I don’t get to talk to other girls at work very often, my office is all guys).  Well, she wear wigs so I showed her my new one:



So, we start talking about where we get our make up from, blah, blah, blah, next thing I know she mentions she wears corsets. O.o OMG seriously? To top it off, she lifts up the side of her work shirt to reveal a steel boned black and purple corset! (that’s pretty awesome, I don’t think I’ve ever worn mine for over 9hrs before)

*Happy Dance* It’s not just me, that likes these things! Corsets, fun stockings, and weird lipstick. I was letting people get to me, I felt weird, I was feeling disheartened about having and getting dressed up. Finding out about her corset made me remember I’m not alone. I’m still unique, I’m still the only me, but I’m not alone.  

I’m still not completely out of my funk, but talking to her today has defiantly put me in the right direction. My bestie won’t have to be worried anymore, lol.

Thanks for reading!

Breaking the Ice

Published January 13, 2014 by kemeah



    Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a “hey look at my food blog”, but I thought my lunch today was a pretty good description of things I like. I’m the only girl in my office and we all wear uniforms so random things like this seem to be conversation starters with the guys at work.

    I’m never found a good word for it, but I’m a tomboy who still likes super girly things as well. Let’s see, my love of sci-fi is displayed with the coffee mug and the chopsticks (Star Wars and Evangelion). Sometimes people think I stole my hubby’s coffee mug. I’m not used to that whole “fake nerd girl” thing being directed at me, but I caught flack for my Star wars mug. I had someone start quizzing me on star Wars (like hmming the Imperial March and asking me if I knew what it was); Star Wars was my first nerd love, don’t question that. :/ (the tea was mint chocolate btw)

    The chopsticks came with me to work to honestly make me feel better about eating ramen for lunch; it’s the super spicy kind, but still kind of junk food. I learned to use chopsticks while I was studying linguistics; I was learning Farsi, but all my friends were studying Mandarin Chinese or Korean. So, to go out to eat with them, I had to use chopsticks or be made fun of. Mine are Evangelion themed, because I do like anime/manga, but I wouldn’t quite call myself an otaku. 

   My Hello Kitty bento box started as a running joke. I got the girliest things I could  find to bring to work so my coworkers wouldn’t steal my lunch or office supplies. I absolutely loved Hello Kitty when I was little, I’m so glad Sanrio made a come back over here. 

   Oh, and my alicorn, aka Sgt,. Rumble is just there for awesomness (he lives on my desk). Yes, I loved ponies/mythical critters long before MLPFIM and Tokidoki made them adorably popular again, and I’m so happy that they are. ^-^ This is also the closest thing I have at work to share my love of fantasy, I don’t have anything D&D or LOTR related at work to share.

    So, that’s a good start on describing myself and the types of things you’ll see on my blog (not pics of my boring lunch, lol).  So, sorry for the random ramblings. Here’s a pic of my new plushie drinking coffee.



Thanks for reading!