Breaking the Ice

Published January 13, 2014 by kemeah



    Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a “hey look at my food blog”, but I thought my lunch today was a pretty good description of things I like. I’m the only girl in my office and we all wear uniforms so random things like this seem to be conversation starters with the guys at work.

    I’m never found a good word for it, but I’m a tomboy who still likes super girly things as well. Let’s see, my love of sci-fi is displayed with the coffee mug and the chopsticks (Star Wars and Evangelion). Sometimes people think I stole my hubby’s coffee mug. I’m not used to that whole “fake nerd girl” thing being directed at me, but I caught flack for my Star wars mug. I had someone start quizzing me on star Wars (like hmming the Imperial March and asking me if I knew what it was); Star Wars was my first nerd love, don’t question that. :/ (the tea was mint chocolate btw)

    The chopsticks came with me to work to honestly make me feel better about eating ramen for lunch; it’s the super spicy kind, but still kind of junk food. I learned to use chopsticks while I was studying linguistics; I was learning Farsi, but all my friends were studying Mandarin Chinese or Korean. So, to go out to eat with them, I had to use chopsticks or be made fun of. Mine are Evangelion themed, because I do like anime/manga, but I wouldn’t quite call myself an otaku. 

   My Hello Kitty bento box started as a running joke. I got the girliest things I could  find to bring to work so my coworkers wouldn’t steal my lunch or office supplies. I absolutely loved Hello Kitty when I was little, I’m so glad Sanrio made a come back over here. 

   Oh, and my alicorn, aka Sgt,. Rumble is just there for awesomness (he lives on my desk). Yes, I loved ponies/mythical critters long before MLPFIM and Tokidoki made them adorably popular again, and I’m so happy that they are. ^-^ This is also the closest thing I have at work to share my love of fantasy, I don’t have anything D&D or LOTR related at work to share.

    So, that’s a good start on describing myself and the types of things you’ll see on my blog (not pics of my boring lunch, lol).  So, sorry for the random ramblings. Here’s a pic of my new plushie drinking coffee.



Thanks for reading!     


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