Sometimes it’s the little things

Published January 15, 2014 by kemeah



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So, I’ve been in a pretty crappy mood lately. It’s freaking cold here (like -45 last week), so called friends beg me to go out then stand me up, hubby’s a grump, the internet is full of assholes (hopefully present company excluded), my game group picks on me when I win, I’m having more problems with my back, my coworkers are a pain, etc. Yah, I’ve been kind of wanting to complain…. sorry.

Anyway much to my best friend’s dismay, I’ve been a pain to cheer up and to be around. The darnedest thing perked me up today.  At work, I went out to help another section set up some equipment. There was another female there and while we were waiting we were chit-chating (I don’t get to talk to other girls at work very often, my office is all guys).  Well, she wear wigs so I showed her my new one:



So, we start talking about where we get our make up from, blah, blah, blah, next thing I know she mentions she wears corsets. O.o OMG seriously? To top it off, she lifts up the side of her work shirt to reveal a steel boned black and purple corset! (that’s pretty awesome, I don’t think I’ve ever worn mine for over 9hrs before)

*Happy Dance* It’s not just me, that likes these things! Corsets, fun stockings, and weird lipstick. I was letting people get to me, I felt weird, I was feeling disheartened about having and getting dressed up. Finding out about her corset made me remember I’m not alone. I’m still unique, I’m still the only me, but I’m not alone.  

I’m still not completely out of my funk, but talking to her today has defiantly put me in the right direction. My bestie won’t have to be worried anymore, lol.

Thanks for reading!


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