Snowed in Again

Published January 22, 2014 by kemeah

So, once again the hubby and I are snowed in. I’m a little bummed because I was supposed to teach a first aid class today. Also, our heater’s broken, so I’m hunkered down under a bunch of blankets. 

I was right in my last post, my hubby was getting tired of all my questions about Gundam. We started watching it again. I really enjoyed the original series, but now were on the series that are between Mobile suit Gundam and Z Gundam. Currently this:



Or, as I have started calling it: Top Gun the anime.  My hubby is such a fanboy, he pauses the show seriously every 5 minutes to tell me more info about the show….. I just want to know what’s going on in my video game…. This series has nothing to do with it, lol. I can’t wait to get to Z Gundam though! 

While my hubby is getting me to watch Gundam with him, my best friend got me hooked on Kamen Rider. Especially:


I have become an absolute fangirl of Kamen Rider W.  The small downside is that its subbed, I do prefer that for live action shows, but it makes it so hard to multitask while watching. W is unique because there are two people as one Kamen rider, like both of their consciousnesses in one body. So, it’s pretty awesome watching the character development between the two partners. (I’m going to stop before I start giving away plot). 

We’re currently watching:


Kamen Rider Decade. This guy is traveling through 9 different worlds to help the Kamen Rider of that world (and gaining their abilities). I’m enjoying it but my bestie spoiled me starting with W, but I’m being promised the end of this series gives me more background on W. ^-^  

That’s it for now, thanks for putting up with my ramblings.  


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