Game Night!

Published February 2, 2014 by kemeah

I was set to post this last night, but I got home just in time for Space Dandy and the went to bed, lol.

I love table top gaming. Yes, that includes D&D, but the guys in my current group complain if a game of Munchkin lasts too long so, no one is committed enough to run a D&D campaign. 

After two weeks of being snowed in our group was finally able to meet up again last night.



We started the evening with Cards Against Humanity, if you haven’t played that game at this point its like Apples to Apples, but you’re going to say to yourself some point doing the game “I’m going to hell for laughing at this.” Also some how even though I’m the only girl in my group…. I’m the biggest pervert….. not sure how I feel about this….

We tried a new game (new to us any way) last night, Tsuro of the Seas. It plays just like regular Tsuro, building a path on the board trying not to fall off or bump into any one else, but it adds sea monsters that you have to avoid (mmmm, tentacle monsters….).

Here’s a play through of the game if you’re interested:

^the guy who’s in charge of our group swears by these  play throughs.

I have to say my current favorite would have to be Munchkin. I’ve played the original, legends, zombies, apocalypse, booty, and Cthulhu. I can’t pick a favorite though, most of my group hates Cthulhu though. They swear it takes too long, I think they just talk too much.

Anyone got any good games to recommend? I’m always looking for something new to play.


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