Game Night

Published March 30, 2014 by kemeah

With International Table Top Day coming up next Saturday, our group dusted off some games we haven’t played in a while.


This is my character and car set up from when we played Formula D (I will only play if i get to be the cat girl :p). Its a racing game, each gear is a different die and you take damage from various things such as getting too close to other cars or not stopping at certain points on the track. If you want to see a good play through of this game I recommend watching:

Also, someone donated a bunch of Magic the Gathering cards to our group so we could play at our event next week.


^Sooooo my hubby and I suddenly have a bunch of Magic cards. I’ve never played before, but I’m being told that my idea of a deck of cats and vampires might work. Well, I finally have a two player game for when the hubby and I are bored. I makes me really wish my bestie lived closer, he’d love this. If you want to see what kind of weirdo is my BFF his blog is here:

Anyway, back to the main point of my ramblings:

Just a friendly reminder that International Tabletop Day is this upcoming Saturday. Is anyone else doing anything with their game group/ friends?



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