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Game Night

Published May 4, 2014 by kemeah

My game group started playing Pathfinder the Adventure card game.


My group isn’t committed enough to actually play a pen and paper RPG, so this seems to be the next best thing. You have pre rolled characters with all their gear and the adventures may have an order they go in each time but the cards are randomized enough to keep it fun.

Also am I the only ones that think the Pathfinder goblins are adorable?  I thought it was just the Munchkin version of them, but I encountered them in this game and still think their freakin’ cute.


May the 4th be with you!

Published May 4, 2014 by kemeah


Ok, I wanted to be cheesy and say it. I spent today wandering around as Princess Leia and the hubby was Boba Fett. 


She may not be my favorite Star Wars character, but she’s my favorite Disney Princess.