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Unbirthday tea

Published June 29, 2014 by kemeah



I finally opened up the Unbirthday tea my hubby got me when he went to Disney World with his little brother. The instructions are adorable.


Casual/closet cosplay

Published June 8, 2014 by kemeah

A friend of my hubby’s birthday party was yesterday. It was DC/Justice League  themed, the guy’s wife wanted everyone to dress to the theme. We apparently followed instructions too well:





Nothing fancy for us, (You my have seen my Pink Power Ranger outfit). I’ve always called this closet cosplay, as in you pull regular clothes out of your closet and BAM! cosplay. In this case Batgirl and Red Robin. I found thought, that if I say closet cosplay I get snotty comments like “Why closet cosplay? I cosplay in the open”. <—- Clearly missing the point, and why I’ve stopped trying to talk to people irl. So, I’ve also heard this called casual cosplay, or my hubby’s work clothes.

Anyway, we were a bit more dressed up than the rest of the guests, but it was a big hit. I may add a wig to mine and use it for one of the small local cons they have around here. They gave us goodie bags for coming to the party. His wife made sure I got the one wit this in it:


“I am the terror that flaps in the night.”

Yes, its a rubber duckie dressed as batman, but I automatically thought:


Let’s get dangerous!

Game Night

Published June 8, 2014 by kemeah

We met up with our game group last night. Someone brought their daughter with them…… We played Elder Sign….


The 10 year old had the best dice rolls in the game, she pretty much beat the game herself.  I like little nerds. ^-^

I keep trying to read through the works of Lovecraft to better understand the background of some of these games, but…


Tentacle Kitty stole my book.

The hubby didn’t play with us, he was off in the corner playing Warhammer 40k. He acquired a Dark Angel army as an early birthday present. The guy that gave him that gave me this:


^Yes, I know its the outdated codex.

Its seems lately that most of the guys I hang out with play 40k, and they all seem to think I’d like Eldar….. I guess I’m going to have to look into this. Its the Magic the Gathering hing all over again. (Did I mention the huge tub of magic cards someone gave us?)



Went to a different Ren Faire

Published June 4, 2014 by kemeah

So,I may not have mentioned yet, but I am an avid Ren Faire goer. I have been going to various faires for the last 20 years (Wow, that makes me sound old, I guess I should mention that I just turned 25, lol). I guess you could say they were my gateway to being interested in cosplay and alternative fashion (sooooooo many corsets).


^Here’s a random sampling of some of my costumes (I have nothing from when I was younger, blame my parents, lol).

Anyway back to the point I’m actually trying to make in this post. While we were visiting my hubby’s family down in Oklahoma, we took some of his family to the ren faire in Muskogee (I got the hubby addicted to faires after we got married, so this was his 4th one). Never in all the years I have attended faires have I ever dealt with such rude people, the vendors and the other attendees. I had a vendor throw food at me (not the people with the marshmallow catapults, like people who thought this was a good marketing scheme for me to decide to buy their food.), another vendor called me a whore (not a wench… a whore), and I had this huge guy decide he was going to walk up behind me and bark loudly in my ear because I was wearing tails (the shop keep thought it was hilarious, sucks to be him, my hubby was going to buy something from him).

Has anyone else had this experience with the Muskogee faire or did I just catch these assholes on a bad day? This is far from the norm based on my experiences at other faires, I don’t think I will be returning to that one.

On the positive side, the hubby’s family had a great time and I got some handmade yarn:


^The folks that made this were very pleasant to talk to, so not all the vendors were assholes. 


Out shooting

Published June 3, 2014 by kemeah

We went to Oklahoma to visit my hubby’s extended family. His uncle took us out shooting on some family property. You you sit through his snark long enough you get to see me shoot my AR-15.
Not my normal type of post, but hey I’m a girl of many interests and talents.