Published June 3, 2014 by kemeah

First things first, here are my cosplays from the con:

Day 1:


Asuka from Evangelion. Yes those are leggings, I found the here:

The Fantasy Ball:


Fluttershy in her gala dress. I got so many hugs in this one, plus Flutterbat gave me an apple. ^-^

Day 2:


I was Pikachu to go with my hubby being a member of Team Rocket.

Day 3:


A pastel goth school girl Twilight Sparkle. I got the skirt here:

and the ears and horn are from here:

I made the tail myself, I was going to make a post about it, but it was have kinda been a “hey look at my butt” post.

So I got proposed to because I was wearing this costume. Then they guy told my hubby that he would “fight him for my love” O.o seriously? My hubby stomped him playing Mech Warrior so that ended that.


AniMinneapolis was the best con I’ve been to yet. Then dealers’ den was a bit small but the panels were great. We got to see Linkara do an episode of Atop the Fourth Wall live.

The voice actor panels were great, and the 18+ panels were goofy. My hubby’s favorite part of the con was getting to play Mech Warrior in an immersion pod:

^the people who ran it have an arcade in Minneapolis, guess we’re going to visit them when we go to Ren Faire.

Anyways, it was a great con, we’ll probably try to go again next year. Now its time to get ready for Anime Weekend Atlanta!


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