Went to a different Ren Faire

Published June 4, 2014 by kemeah

So,I may not have mentioned yet, but I am an avid Ren Faire goer. I have been going to various faires for the last 20 years (Wow, that makes me sound old, I guess I should mention that I just turned 25, lol). I guess you could say they were my gateway to being interested in cosplay and alternative fashion (sooooooo many corsets).


^Here’s a random sampling of some of my costumes (I have nothing from when I was younger, blame my parents, lol).

Anyway back to the point I’m actually trying to make in this post. While we were visiting my hubby’s family down in Oklahoma, we took some of his family to the ren faire in Muskogee  http://okcastle.com/ (I got the hubby addicted to faires after we got married, so this was his 4th one). Never in all the years I have attended faires have I ever dealt with such rude people, the vendors and the other attendees. I had a vendor throw food at me (not the people with the marshmallow catapults, like people who thought this was a good marketing scheme for me to decide to buy their food.), another vendor called me a whore (not a wench… a whore), and I had this huge guy decide he was going to walk up behind me and bark loudly in my ear because I was wearing tails (the shop keep thought it was hilarious, sucks to be him, my hubby was going to buy something from him).

Has anyone else had this experience with the Muskogee faire or did I just catch these assholes on a bad day? This is far from the norm based on my experiences at other faires, I don’t think I will be returning to that one.

On the positive side, the hubby’s family had a great time and I got some handmade yarn:


^The folks that made this were very pleasant to talk to, so not all the vendors were assholes. 



4 comments on “Went to a different Ren Faire

  • Really?!? I have heard awesome things about Muskogee! I haven’t been – the St. Louis Fair is my home fair and it’s, like, on all the same weekends, but I’ll ask about this. I have never ever heard of people being so rude at a fair and I hope it’s an anomaly. Which ones do you normally go to and/or like?

    • That’s the the thing, we had too. That’s what surprised me so much about the way some of them acted; maybe we just caught them on a bad day? I grew up going to the one in Georgia; my dad works for the phone company and usually got free tickets for hooking up the phone lines. These days since I live in the frozen north, the hubby and I go to the one in Minnesota.I got to go to one out in California once when I went to school out there, I can’t remember which one it was though. They’re all really good fairs, and I’m guessing the Muskogee one could be too, I could just be that unlucky to find all the jerks that were there.

  • For the past three years now I think? Its really good, the fair grounds are pretty big, and the theme weekends are pretty fun. Like if you go on the Romance weekend its free wine tasting and if you go on the Silk Road weekend there’s a belly dancing competition. Its actually some of the same performers and vendors that attend the one in Georgia, so I still get to see the Tortuga Twins among other things.
    Its worth the 6hr drive for us, we go up a day early and walk around the Mall of America, stay at a hotel and go to the fair the next morning.If you’re looking for a new one to try, I think its a pretty good one.

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