Game Night

Published July 20, 2014 by kemeah


^this has to be my favorite card from Munchkin Apocalypse.

Ever since our GM moved away are group kinda has lost cohesion. You got the one guy who’s only there to mooch the free wifi, the asshole who was only there because he was friends with the GM, two guys (my hubby being 1) who are more interested in playing Warhammer than with us, me… the girl… the one that new people want to accuse of being dragged there by my hubby (I’m one of the group founders) and the one the rest of them want to insult me for being married to my hubby, and there’s a couple of other guy’s who just want to play.
I’m not sure if I belong there anymore; I’ll keep going because the hubby is finally making friends, but that’s about it. I do love games. Especially Munchkin, I have so many versions of it. I guess its not for everyone though.
Well, sorry for complaining for a bit. I hope you got a giggle out of the Munchkin card.


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