I forget I’ve been doing this a while

Published September 24, 2014 by kemeah

So, I’m back “home” for the next few days. I came down to Georgia for Anime Weekend Atlanta, and I gave myself enough wiggle room to visit my parents. Today I got to spend the day with my Mom; she gave me a stack of old photos to take back with me. Its a bunch of pics of my little sisters, my cousins, and I, a few old dance pictures, and a NJROTC awards ceremony. I also had these two:



So, I’ve realized two things:
1: I really have been 5’9″ since I was in middle school.
2: When people ask me when I got into cosplay, the answer may be when wasn’t I?

My parents had me in dance classes from ages 6 to 16, so the house was full of costume bits and pieces and they pretty much let me create my own outfits for events like Halloween. (I was Jack Pumpkin Head from one of the Oz books one year and was super disappointed none of the adults knew who I was).

So, um happy early throw back Thursday (I’m not sure if I have internet tomorrow or not). The adorable fairy princesses with me are my little sisters, can you tell which is the good twin and which is the evil twin?


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