There’s no place like home

Published October 1, 2014 by kemeah

I’m back home after my adventures down south. I think I should have made my trip shorter than it was; I had a blast with my bestie, but I always feel out of place visiting my family. My mom and I are finally starting to get along and I even got to see both my sisters, so that was great. When I went to visit my Dad though, my step mom literally didn’t say two words to me… Didn’t even thank me for the coffee I brought her. I’m not asking for her to accept me as her daughter, but it would have been nice if she had cleaned all of her stuff off the guest bed so I had somewhere to sleep. Like, I’ve never liked my mom’s husband…erm step dad, but he at least says hi to me before going back to playing facebook games. I hope I didn’t cause my dad problems by visiting, I’d hate to have done that.
I’m also starting to come to the conclusion that going to a con 7/8 weeks pregnant was a bad idea. Lol, I found out right before I went on vacation…If someone had told me having a cold that wouldn’t go away was a sin I was pregnant I would have looked into it sooner. I’m at this awkward phase where some of my clothes are snug, so I had to change one costume literally morning of (good thing I had back up ideas). I mostly have the “morning” sickness under control but I encountered a fellow con goer that smelt so bad that I had to leave the panel I was at to barf. Also, big crowds wear me out to begin with, so this go around I’m completely exhausted (good thing I took an extra day off from work).
My bestie is one of the few people that know right now (the hubby and I aren’t telling the families for a bit longer). He was so sweet to me while I was visiting. He fussed over me the whole time, even put up with me when I got all emotional…. I’m never going to being able to make it up to him, I’m so lucky to have him.
So, long story short: I’m happy to be home, I miss my bestie already, and I need to go finish my laundry. Lol
Sorry for the rambling, I’ll go back to posting pics of random stuff soon.


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