BooBees 5k

Published October 19, 2014 by kemeah

The hubby and I did a costumed 5k to raise money for cancer research (The money went to the American Cancer Society, so while breast cancer themed, not breast cancer specific). I borrowed one of his vault suits:
Yes, I said one of. He has the track suit, which I’m wearing, and a jumpsuit, which yall will see in a later post. I think this is one of the most comfortable cosplays I’ve ever worn and it did well to not emphasize the bit of a belly bump I have at this point.
So, we walked the 5k; his knees are bad, and while the doctor said can still run, I usually end up getting sick when I attempt it. It was ok though, we happened to run into a coworker of mine who was walking it too; the three of us brought up the rear, lol.
We had a good time…well, as good as a time you can have paying money to walk 3 miles, lol. I’m just happy the weather up here has stayed nice this far into October, hopefully it lasts through Halloween.


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