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Cute Winter Wear and Card Games

Published November 30, 2014 by kemeah

Ah, winter: Suddenly, me wearing cat ears is considered “cute” and not “weird”
Fortunately, its still warm enough to snow up here. Unfortunately, that means its still going to get colder, lol. I had to warn a girl that visited my game group last night that we probably still had another 30-50 degrees to go and that’s not including the wind chill.
Speaking of game night, we didn’t try out anything new, but I did kick major butt in Cards Against Humanity:
I really don’t think the rest of the group has caught on that I keep doing these posts… Don’t know what they think I’m doing taking pictures every week though….
Well, I should say while my group in and of itself didn’t play any new games, we got to teach a new girl how to play Cards Against Humanity and Munchkin Legends. If someone can make it though those two games and still like us, then we’ll probably see them back. (Perversion and back stabbery in case you haven’t played either.
Oh! Made another “Black Friday” purchase:
I picked up another starter set for Card Wars. I’ve done a post on this game before, but to summarize: Yes, its the card game you see Finn and Jake play on Adventure Time. It plays like a simplified version of Magic the Gathering. I waaaaay better at this than at Magic, but it may have something to do with one of my decks being an army of cats in Magic…..


4 day Weekends

Published November 28, 2014 by kemeah

I have a 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving. My work is minimally manned for holidays and my job isn’t “mission essential” (Though everyone thinks its the end of the world when I’m not there) so, I got the weekend off.
So far I think I’ve been fairly productive. I’m like the only person I know that actually made a “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner:
Heck I think my mother in law was upset she was out done by a 39 week pregnant lady, but she’s been picking at me a bunch in general. I just cooked for the hubby and I; I kind of gave up on trying to have company over for holidays. So, I have plenty of yummy leftovers.
I’ve been doing a bunch of baking lately too:
^scones to go with out tea yesterday
^First batch of Christmas cookies for the year.
I’ve needed an excuse to keep me from being a couch potato; I may be tired all the time right now, but I feel better if I keep moving. That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever been this on top of laundry and dishes. I’m being all house wifey all of a sudden ^.^
The hubby and I managed to finish up “Official Mode” of Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn.
Its the perfect game for us to play together. I love hack and slash games and he is the biggest mecha otaku I know. It gives me a opportunity to learn more about Gundam so I know what he’s talking about (I’ve made it up to half way through Z Gundam as far as the UC goes).
I also picked up a new game yesterday:
diablo 3
^FYI: Its $20 on the PSN and on amazon right now.
Its not a game I would seek out on my own honestly. My bestie suggested it so we could play together. Usually if he suggests to me a game I love it, and this was no exception. I’m having a blast running around as a barbarian. I’m really only good as characters that I can run around and hit things, good thing my bestie doesn’t mind playing a ranged character. He’s been really down lately, so I’m glad I can do something to try to cheer him up. (Long distance friendships suck sometimes). And on a selfish note, I was really happy to get to play with him. We haven’t gotten to in a bit, but I have gotten to watch him play some of his PS4 games:

^shameless plug for him. He just got a new headset so the gaming now comes with sarcastic commentary.
Today I’m home alone so, with the mild distraction of remembering to do my homework, I got some of my Christmas shopping knocked out. Craft supplies to make my friends some things, baby stuffs, and the hubby some Think Geek junk. Plus I got myself some of their yoga pants:
I figure these will be comfy while I’m on my convalesce (maternity) leave from work, are cute as hell so I can wear them as normal clothes or gym clothes (yes, I’m hitting the gym after the baby), and they were on sale so they didn’t cost an arm and a leg.
I just have a few more presents to find (my bestie is hard to shop for) and I’m set, I love online shopping. I find cool stuff and I don’t have to deal with people. Lol.
I think the hubby is making me actually leave the house tomorrow, I’m being lured out with promises of a pedicure. So, I guess that’s it for my ramblings for now. I hope everyone else’s weekend is going well and if you had to work (the hubby did so we know that feel) I hope you’re safe and people weren’t too big of jerks.

New cards

Published November 16, 2014 by kemeah

Hubby thought I could used a present since the baby stuff has been over whelming to say the least.
He got me the 3rd expansion for Munchkin Legends:
^my favorite card from the expansion.
It added Gladiator as a class to the game, it has pretty good bonuses. If you haven’t played Munchkin Legends it’s pretty much like the original (same classes and races)but the monsters and gear poke fun at various mythologies, as well as urban legends and creepypasta (Slenderman is a card).

Game Night

Published November 16, 2014 by kemeah

We tried out King of New York last night:


My group loves King of Tokyo so we were excited to try this one out. Its a little bit more complicated , but at the same time you could potentially win the game with out ever going into Manhattan. (You could in Tokyo, but this is set up more to do win that way).

Got to love the internet

Published November 13, 2014 by kemeah

I came home to this today:
I think the FedEx guy is getting tired of us.
We have about 3 weeks left to get ready for the baby; has been an awesome help, we especially got some nice stuff off lighting deals.
Our families have been a big help too, I was really surprised to be honest. My mom and I rarely talk; she wasn’t too thrilled that I was well… me (goth, geek, tomboy, etc.) for the longest time. She never visited me when I moved out (and I lived some cool places like California), and her husband’s family wasn’t to fond of me. Now she’s super excited and has talked to me more in the last month than she has in the last year O.o I wonder if this is going to last.
My mother in law is her normal off the deep end overly excited self. She’s been blowing up my pintrest with photography ideas for the baby (Against my many protests the hubby’s family is going to be up here sometime next month), that is what she does for a living so, yay free professional baby photos. Now to sneak in all the itty bitty baby cosplays I have picked out…
On the flip side, my Dad is no longer able to speak me if he is home. His wife is beyond upset that I’m pregnant. :/ I have inadvertently made his life hell for the last few weeks because his wife is like jealous or something. As mentioned previously she’s tried her best to run my sisters and I off anyway. I don’t get how if she can’t stand to deal with her 3 step daughters who are in their 20s, how she thinks she’d be able to handle her own baby. I was really hoping that Disney had lied to me about step mothers
Ok, that was probably really mean of me….
TL/DR: is awesome, the FedEx guy probably hates us, my family is weird.
Back to geeking out next post, I promise.

Big Hero 6

Published November 9, 2014 by kemeah

Do you ever walk in to the theater for a movie that you’ve really been wanting to see and wonder why there are so many kids in the room just to remember that its a kids movie? That seems to happen to me a lot. O.o
Well, yesterday the hubby and I went to see “Big Hero 6”.
I’ve never read the comics its based off of, I just really like robots.
The movie was adorable, then again its about a big squishy robot (a plush of Baymax came home with me…) I laughed my butt off, almost cried a few times, and while I could predict parts of what was going to happen it kept surprising me.
So, if you don’t mind that once again the day being saved by a teenage boy and his robot (I watch a lot of mecha…) Big Hero 6 is worth going to see. Oh, keep in mind it is a Marvel movie so stay after the credits. Us and one other guy were the only ones in a packed theater that waited until the end. Also, the 3D was nice, but not worth paying extra for.
I know this isn’t much of a review, I’m always afraid of giving away too much, so just take my ramblings as it was really really good. So, squishy robot hugs!