Random baby update

Published November 3, 2014 by kemeah

^So I saw this picture in my doctor’s office during my appointment today, thought it was perfect to share here since I keep showing the random things I’ve made.
Over the last week I’ve had 2 doctor appointments, and finally got to find out a bit more about my little one.
So……… It turns out that I’m already 8 months pregnant. I thought I was like 4 or 5 months O.o
The good thing is that for the first time in my adult life people think I’m skinny, and to be honest considering I was preggers though the last 3 cons I went to, I feel a whole lot better about how all my costumes looked. I think I’ve angered all the other pregnant women I know, because I don’t look like them.
But mostly here’s how I feel:
I’ve got way less time to get used to this idea than I was hoping too. Though after getting super upset a few times, I’m ready to meet her. ^-^ I’d share a picture from the ultrasound but the disk they gave me was corrupted, hopefully I’ll have some soon.
I went post Halloween shopping on Saturday and found her some adorable cosplay onesies on clearance to take pictures of her in. Also, why is it super hard to find gender neutral baby stuff? Like I want to get her cutesie stuff, but since the last few months have been so full of surprises, I don’t want to invest in a bunch of pink stuff just yet. The hubby agrees and that’s why she already has a Ninja Turtle outfit.
So, this was just a quick little update on what was actually going on since if you’ve read my posts for the last month, its mostly been me grumping about looking chubby in costumes and getting sick at cons. As mentioned before my hubby and my bestie have been the ones really keeping me going. Sorry for the randomness back to posting nerdy stuff in the next post.


2 comments on “Random baby update

  • Holy moly!! ( months pregnant already!!! That’s a big surprise!! So little time to get used to the idea! I understand it must have been rough for you. Glad you feel ready now though 🙂 And you don’t look pregnant at all from your most recent pictures! :S Very confusing! :S Haha, ninja turtle outfit, that’s adorable! My dad didn’t keep my gender from wearing turtles either as a kid XD

    • Everyone else is surprised on how small I am too. My Boss’wife is due around the same time I am, and is waaaay bigger than me, its confusing everyone lol. Good to know I wasn’t the only one who had a bunch of Ninja Turtle stuff when I was little. ^-^ The baby is going to be a little nerd before she even knows what that means.

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