Little things

Published November 5, 2014 by kemeah

I’ve really had a hard time staying in a good mood lately. Everything thing stresses me out: I have so much stuff to get done at work, people like to tell me I’m doing the pregnant thing wrong, articles on the internet telling me how bad stress is for me, etc…
The one plus side to being this gloomy is that little things cheer me up more than they should. I got to skype with my best friend last night, I haven’t seen him since AWA and he’s been really busy so we’ve only gotten to text a little. We don’t normally talk unless we’re gaming, but getting to see him really cheered me up. Then today I got something in the mail (Like something for me not baby stuffs)
I got my GaMERCat plushie! I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever for him to get here!
If you’re not familiar check the web comic out here:
I figured this was the perfect excuse to try out the wig I got in my post Halloween clearance raid. Not too bad for a clearance Wal Mart wig.
^Better pic of my new buddy.
Sorry for the excited ramblings, thanks for putting up with them.


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