Big Hero 6

Published November 9, 2014 by kemeah

Do you ever walk in to the theater for a movie that you’ve really been wanting to see and wonder why there are so many kids in the room just to remember that its a kids movie? That seems to happen to me a lot. O.o
Well, yesterday the hubby and I went to see “Big Hero 6”.
I’ve never read the comics its based off of, I just really like robots.
The movie was adorable, then again its about a big squishy robot (a plush of Baymax came home with me…) I laughed my butt off, almost cried a few times, and while I could predict parts of what was going to happen it kept surprising me.
So, if you don’t mind that once again the day being saved by a teenage boy and his robot (I watch a lot of mecha…) Big Hero 6 is worth going to see. Oh, keep in mind it is a Marvel movie so stay after the credits. Us and one other guy were the only ones in a packed theater that waited until the end. Also, the 3D was nice, but not worth paying extra for.
I know this isn’t much of a review, I’m always afraid of giving away too much, so just take my ramblings as it was really really good. So, squishy robot hugs!


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