Got to love the internet

Published November 13, 2014 by kemeah

I came home to this today:
I think the FedEx guy is getting tired of us.
We have about 3 weeks left to get ready for the baby; has been an awesome help, we especially got some nice stuff off lighting deals.
Our families have been a big help too, I was really surprised to be honest. My mom and I rarely talk; she wasn’t too thrilled that I was well… me (goth, geek, tomboy, etc.) for the longest time. She never visited me when I moved out (and I lived some cool places like California), and her husband’s family wasn’t to fond of me. Now she’s super excited and has talked to me more in the last month than she has in the last year O.o I wonder if this is going to last.
My mother in law is her normal off the deep end overly excited self. She’s been blowing up my pintrest with photography ideas for the baby (Against my many protests the hubby’s family is going to be up here sometime next month), that is what she does for a living so, yay free professional baby photos. Now to sneak in all the itty bitty baby cosplays I have picked out…
On the flip side, my Dad is no longer able to speak me if he is home. His wife is beyond upset that I’m pregnant. :/ I have inadvertently made his life hell for the last few weeks because his wife is like jealous or something. As mentioned previously she’s tried her best to run my sisters and I off anyway. I don’t get how if she can’t stand to deal with her 3 step daughters who are in their 20s, how she thinks she’d be able to handle her own baby. I was really hoping that Disney had lied to me about step mothers
Ok, that was probably really mean of me….
TL/DR: is awesome, the FedEx guy probably hates us, my family is weird.
Back to geeking out next post, I promise.


2 comments on “Got to love the internet

  • Aw, it’s so funny you mom is so excited! Is it her first grandchild perhaps? I’ve heard my coworkers yapping about this “there’s nothing like the FIRST grand child” haha. A shame your step mother isn’t acting like it though :/ I guess you’re right, she’s probably jealous. She should embrace this opportunity, after all it’s a baby in the family! It doesn’t matter if it not her biological grand child. Wonder why your dad let her go on with those shenanigans… :/

    Just three weeks left! God I’m so excited for you!! Everything is happening so fast! And don’t mind the FedEx guy, haha, he should thank you for ordering so much or else he might not have a job, lol! ^^

    • I doubt he’ll put up with it for long. I’m not too thrilled about being the cause of ex wife #2 though, lol. Hopefully she comes around, I think she’s getting the better end of the deal; she gets a baby to spoil but gets to return her to me if she gets fussy or messy, lol.

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