Cute Winter Wear and Card Games

Published November 30, 2014 by kemeah

Ah, winter: Suddenly, me wearing cat ears is considered “cute” and not “weird”
Fortunately, its still warm enough to snow up here. Unfortunately, that means its still going to get colder, lol. I had to warn a girl that visited my game group last night that we probably still had another 30-50 degrees to go and that’s not including the wind chill.
Speaking of game night, we didn’t try out anything new, but I did kick major butt in Cards Against Humanity:
I really don’t think the rest of the group has caught on that I keep doing these posts… Don’t know what they think I’m doing taking pictures every week though….
Well, I should say while my group in and of itself didn’t play any new games, we got to teach a new girl how to play Cards Against Humanity and Munchkin Legends. If someone can make it though those two games and still like us, then we’ll probably see them back. (Perversion and back stabbery in case you haven’t played either.
Oh! Made another “Black Friday” purchase:
I picked up another starter set for Card Wars. I’ve done a post on this game before, but to summarize: Yes, its the card game you see Finn and Jake play on Adventure Time. It plays like a simplified version of Magic the Gathering. I waaaaay better at this than at Magic, but it may have something to do with one of my decks being an army of cats in Magic…..


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