Published December 6, 2014 by kemeah

So, my 4 day weekend turned in to me not being at work since last Wednesday…
I went to the hospital early Monday morning, but for a good reason:
^while I could have shared the pic of what her and I looked like after 22 hours of labor,this one is much nicer, lol. But, anyway this is Kariana. She’s doing just fine.
Sorry for not having a sooner update, but we didn’t get out of the hospital until yesterday afternoon. not to mention the in laws are already up here so I haven’t gotten any computer time until now. It frustrates me that they are here already, but at least it means I get adorable pictures like this:
I swear I need to take my mother in law to a con or a ren fair. She would have a blast taking pics of all the cosplayers.


2 comments on “Baby

    • I made it 9hrs before asking for an epidural, so there was a good chunk of it where the most annoying part was not being able to feel my legs, lol. If I had realized I’d be there that long I may have held off on the meds so I could still get up and move around.

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