Published December 29, 2014 by kemeah


Its been a great year of getting dressed up and having adventures.

From the top left:

Death Note Twilight Sparkle: I wore this day 3 of AniMinneapolis. Some random guy proposed to me and then tried to fight my hubby for my affection…. Hubby stomped him in Mech Warrior.

Pikachu: This was Day 2 of AniMinneapolis, the hubby was a Team Rocket member. We got to meet Linkara who happened to be dressed as Ash.

Asuka: Day 1 of AniMinneapolis. Took the hubby to a hentai panel, it was hilarious.

Gala Fluttershy: Wore this to the dance at AniMinneapolis. I got so many hugs wearing this one, plus I was given an apple…. I have learned nothing from Snow White.

Cheshire Alice: This was Day 1 of Anime Weekend Atlanta. I got to assist my bestie in running his horror gaming panel. It was awesome, we had a packed house.

Pinkie Pie: Day 3 of Anime Weekend Atlanta. The dress was a last minute wardrobe change. My bestie was wearing a red Power Ranger shirt, people thought we intentionally were doing a retro/childhood memories thing.

Star Trek Officer: I wore this to ValleyCon. Most of my compliments came from older gentlemen. The 501st tried to pick on me for being a “trekkie”, then realized I was being escorted by a Mandalorian.

Philip/Kamen Rider W: Day 2 of Anime Weekend Atlanta. The bestie and I were two halves of the same detective. I can’t believe I got him to dress up with me. We even participated in a photo shoot!

Elf: I wore this outfit to two Renaissance Faires. The one in Muskogee Ok, which was awful; I had someone yell at me for wearing my tails and a vendor throw peanuts at me because I wouldn’t buy any. Then I wore it to the one in Minnesota, that was so much fun the hubby and I went with another couple. The only down side to that weekend was the mild car wreck we got into on the way there.

Freddy Krueger: I wore this to work at a haunted trail I got roped into helping a friend with. It was as fun as it was cold out.

Hipster Ariel: Worn to any con with a pool. Best reaction I got was someone was surprised I was wearing a wig in the pool.

Vault Girl: This was for the BooBees 5k which was a fund raiser for cancer research. The hubby was dressed to match.

Pink Power Ranger: This was for the Fargo ComicCon. We didn’t stay long, I ended up in Toys R Us looking at Power Rangers figures and getting dirty looks from some kids’ mom.


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