Game Night

Published March 22, 2015 by kemeah

So, we tried a couple of new games.
The first one was Sushi Go!
I found this adorable little game at our local game store; I’m trying to add shorter games into my collection so we can have quick ice breaker games to play while we wait for everyone to show up. It was really fun to play. You’re trying to get the most points with combinations of maki, dumplings, nigri,sashimi, and pudding……and now I really want to go get sushi……

The other game we tried was Lunar Rails
Damn this game takes forever to play, like it takes as long as Talisman to play. You are building railroads on the moon and delivering people and goods to cities. (Takes way more strategy than playing Ticket to Ride.) It is pretty fun though, and unlike when we play Talisman not one got into and argument because the game is taking to long.

The group seems to be adjusting well to our new place to meet up. This week someone made buffalo chicken dip and spinach dip for everyone to snack on. There’s also enough room for some of the guys to run a Warhammer 40k game and not be in the way of everyone else (I’m still working on my Sisters of Battle army, but I still like to watch them play in the mean time). Oh and there is a couch for the one guy’s girlfriend to sleep on while everyone else plays games. Its not like we don’t try to include her (I know people seem to forget this about me, but I am a girl, so its not like the game group is a boys’ club). She basically shows up, plays with my baby until she needs something (so like for maybe half an hour) and then unless we play Cards Against Humanity she’s just there. Which would be fine, heck I like just watching games sometimes too (again back to the Warhammer thing), but she’s kind of rude. She gets really shitty with my husband, I get it… he talks a lot, he’s already self conscious about it, but telling him to shut up so that her boyfriend can play the game the my husband and I brought is out of line. At the risk of sounding catty, I really don’t get why she shows up every week if she doesn’t want anything to do with us? Then again, I should be used to guys significant others checking up on them because they’re hanging out (or working) with me. Or maybe she really just wants to spend time with him that bad? I don’t know, I’ll just continue to be polite and put up with her shit.


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