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Casual Cosplay

Published April 26, 2015 by kemeah

Don’t know why, just felt like dressing up this weekend:
Finally tried on my Han Solo dress. But, Kemeah May the 4 is coming up you should have just worn it then! I work that day, besides like this is the only Star Wars outfit I have. :p
I wore this to my game night, too bad the guy that owns Imperial Assault moved away, I was really in the mood to play a smuggler that gets to shoot first.

Today we took baby girl to the pool for the first time. I wore my Hipster Ariel costume (minus the wig)

Ok, So its really only “hipster” Ariel because I wear really big glasses.


I got a new bow to wear with it so, I was kind of excited. She had fun, I had fun, hubby went down the kiddie slide, we all had fun. Exercise in cosplay… always fun.

I guess you can say I had a Disney dress up weekend. Its finally starting to warm up here so I can wear all my “fun” clothes again.


Game Night

Published April 26, 2015 by kemeah

So, earlier in the week, the hubby brought home a bunch of “bad” bananas. This is what I fed my game group this week:
I made lots of banana bread….. one of them even has strawberries! Everyone seem to enjoy it, but I have way too many leftovers. Lol

We didn’t play anything new this week, Just some more Ticket to Ride:


Baby girl wanted to help me play, she must have been good luck because I won! You’d think I’d be tired of playing this by now, but not really.

We also played more Batman Love Letters:
Had to explain to some people why the game was called Love Letters, that made for some interesting conversation.

We got distracted after that, it was a small group of us left and someone had brought in the movies for the kids so we finished out the evening watching Spirited Away. It was a nice end to the evening, no one complaining or being rude (certain people didn’t show up this week); I hope this is how gaming continues to be.
Oh! I tried out Talisman on the PC, that game is so much more fun and (quicker) when no one complains about how long the game takes…. I even almost beat the computer, but the computer plays like an asshole.
Thanks for reading!

Mortal Kombat X

Published April 20, 2015 by kemeah

mortal kombat

So, beat story mode on Mortal Kombat X last night, and of course my dumb self was playing it the day it came out with a sprained wrist (I fell down the stairs). This is the first game I’ve played on the PS4 so the controls were a bit weird for me, but I was a good girl and didn’t throw a controller across the room (happened a bunch with Mortal Kombat 9). I think I beat the game in about 6 hrs, for me I finished it really fast (even got a “woooooow” from my bestie).
So, if you didn’t know, its a sequel to MK9 and you actually get to play as the children of some of the well know characters (plus, they gave a bunch of returning characters beards).
Cassie Cage, daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, she’s pretty fun to play. But as always my favorite character to play is:
You don’t get to play her in story mode but, that’s ok. They added costume/fighting style variations to the characters for tower and VS mode. I haven’t gotten to compare them yet (I have to share the PS4 with the hubby and he’s playing GTA online) but, trust me I will.
I still have to but the season pass so I can get Predator and Jason, can’t wait for those. I was going to wait to buy this game, but I’m glad my hubby got it for me release day, its defiantly worth it. Hell, even he’s enjoying it and he hates fighting games. My only complaint is that during story mode they don’t do “ROUND 1…..FIGHT!” the fights just kind of start, it kept throwing me off.
There’s still parts of this game I haven’t messed with…. mainly the multi-player stuff, that might take me a while I’m not big on playing online with strangers, yah I’m shy online, go figure. Hopefully, my bestie will get a copy soon and he can kick my ass it it.
Well, that’s it for now, thanks for reading!

Game Night

Published April 19, 2015 by kemeah

So I’ve spent most of my week playing Ticket to Ride on my computer, Last night I got to play it IRL
My hubby got the 10th anniversary edition of the game. Everything is bigger, the board the cards, the trains. Oh and the trains look really cool
The red train is a circus train and the cars have little giraffes sticking out!

We also tried out Batman Love Letters
Its really fun; I took a risk ordering this one, I have Love Letters but no one’s wanted to play it.

After that most people went home hubby was playing Warhammer so we were still there a while. That guy drug his girlfriend along again. She sat in the corner and stared at us while we were playing Love Letters, accused us of stealing her food (OMG she spoke to me),kept preventing the baby from falling asleep, and then when the guys were done playing Warhammer she proceeded to bitch my hubby out because I fell asleep on the couch even though is was her boyfriend that butted into the game and made it take forever. Seriously if you’re going to be pissy about how long game night takes quit showing up.
Sorry I keep complaining about this, I’m just tired of walking on egg shells at MY game night because I might offend the chick my hubby’s friend is sleeping with. I’m sure I’ll get an earful because we asked if she wanted to play Ticket to Ride with us. I love playing these games, but people like this are making me feel unwelcome in my own group, I kinda want to quit playing.

TableTop Day

Published April 12, 2015 by kemeah

So yesterday was International TableTop Day.

It marked the 2 year anniversary of my game group being together, so I made cupcakes:

We kind of had a small group last night, but we had fun:

I got to try Mag Blast:
mag blast
Its pretty fun and if you’re a sci-fi nerd you’re going to get a giggle out of the cards in this game.

It seems to be a TableTop Day tradition for me to teach people how to play Munchkin:
We played Munchkin Pathfinder. Our guests were a little confused by the fact that you’re allowed to cheat and back stab, but they had fun.

And of course this was requested:
You can tell a lot about people by what they find funny in this game.

For the most part I’d say TableTop Day went really well, considering the very first year we only had 4 people and way too much pizza. What annoys me, though, is not only did the person who was supposed to help me plan the event not do anything he promised he would, he shows up to the room we reserved for TableTop Day with his Pathfinder group. None of the say so much as hello to me, but they take up most of the room and eat all the snacks I bought/made. I guess they made it pretty clear that I’m not wanted around just my food and my games. Silly me thinking that people actually wanted me around, eventually I’ll learn.

So if you missed out on TableTop Day’s events or just want more, you should really check out this weeks Humble Bundle:
They have a bunch of digital versions of popular Tabletop games.
I’m excited because this means I finally get to play board games with my bestie. >.<

As always thanks for reading my rants and ramblings.

Game Night

Published April 5, 2015 by kemeah

So, I made Gelatinous Cubes as a snack for game night:
We had another “going away” last night, another person moving away. We’ve had a lot of people come and go over the last year and I’m glad to have met, well….. most of them. As usual, if its your last night you get to pick the games. Why do people keep picking Talisman?



I told him only one expansion this time, he chose the Woodlands. It went pretty well, except we ended up with a lot more toads than usual. Once again, we didn’t finish the game, but at least this time no one bitched about it taking so long. It really is an enjoyable game, but I just don’t think it works well for my game group (I may need to “misplace” it for a bit).