TableTop Day

Published April 12, 2015 by kemeah

So yesterday was International TableTop Day.

It marked the 2 year anniversary of my game group being together, so I made cupcakes:

We kind of had a small group last night, but we had fun:

I got to try Mag Blast:
mag blast
Its pretty fun and if you’re a sci-fi nerd you’re going to get a giggle out of the cards in this game.

It seems to be a TableTop Day tradition for me to teach people how to play Munchkin:
We played Munchkin Pathfinder. Our guests were a little confused by the fact that you’re allowed to cheat and back stab, but they had fun.

And of course this was requested:
You can tell a lot about people by what they find funny in this game.

For the most part I’d say TableTop Day went really well, considering the very first year we only had 4 people and way too much pizza. What annoys me, though, is not only did the person who was supposed to help me plan the event not do anything he promised he would, he shows up to the room we reserved for TableTop Day with his Pathfinder group. None of the say so much as hello to me, but they take up most of the room and eat all the snacks I bought/made. I guess they made it pretty clear that I’m not wanted around just my food and my games. Silly me thinking that people actually wanted me around, eventually I’ll learn.

So if you missed out on TableTop Day’s events or just want more, you should really check out this weeks Humble Bundle:
They have a bunch of digital versions of popular Tabletop games.
I’m excited because this means I finally get to play board games with my bestie. >.<

As always thanks for reading my rants and ramblings.


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