Game Night

Published April 19, 2015 by kemeah

So I’ve spent most of my week playing Ticket to Ride on my computer, Last night I got to play it IRL
My hubby got the 10th anniversary edition of the game. Everything is bigger, the board the cards, the trains. Oh and the trains look really cool
The red train is a circus train and the cars have little giraffes sticking out!

We also tried out Batman Love Letters
Its really fun; I took a risk ordering this one, I have Love Letters but no one’s wanted to play it.

After that most people went home hubby was playing Warhammer so we were still there a while. That guy drug his girlfriend along again. She sat in the corner and stared at us while we were playing Love Letters, accused us of stealing her food (OMG she spoke to me),kept preventing the baby from falling asleep, and then when the guys were done playing Warhammer she proceeded to bitch my hubby out because I fell asleep on the couch even though is was her boyfriend that butted into the game and made it take forever. Seriously if you’re going to be pissy about how long game night takes quit showing up.
Sorry I keep complaining about this, I’m just tired of walking on egg shells at MY game night because I might offend the chick my hubby’s friend is sleeping with. I’m sure I’ll get an earful because we asked if she wanted to play Ticket to Ride with us. I love playing these games, but people like this are making me feel unwelcome in my own group, I kinda want to quit playing.


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