Casual Cosplay

Published April 26, 2015 by kemeah

Don’t know why, just felt like dressing up this weekend:
Finally tried on my Han Solo dress. But, Kemeah May the 4 is coming up you should have just worn it then! I work that day, besides like this is the only Star Wars outfit I have. :p
I wore this to my game night, too bad the guy that owns Imperial Assault moved away, I was really in the mood to play a smuggler that gets to shoot first.

Today we took baby girl to the pool for the first time. I wore my Hipster Ariel costume (minus the wig)

Ok, So its really only “hipster” Ariel because I wear really big glasses.


I got a new bow to wear with it so, I was kind of excited. She had fun, I had fun, hubby went down the kiddie slide, we all had fun. Exercise in cosplay… always fun.

I guess you can say I had a Disney dress up weekend. Its finally starting to warm up here so I can wear all my “fun” clothes again.


4 comments on “Casual Cosplay

  • I can’t find a follow button (kinda new to word press) so I’m going to leave a comment, all of the games you are playing look very cool, What game are you playing in this post the character sheets look awesome!!
    Also your baby is so cute in that 50’s looking costume !

    • The game in this one is Star Wars Imperial Assault. Its pretty fun your GM plays the Empire and everyone else is a rebel. Each mission has specific goals to be met and a different map. Whether you pass or fail the mission determines what you do next in the game. You could play this on occasion or make a campaign out of it, depending on how committed your game group is. Unfortunately, my friend that own this one moved away, I should probably get my own copy, lol.
      Oh, and thanks! I have a love for rockabilly fashion right now and finding something like that for my little one was perfect!.

      • Awesome gonna try and have a find of it. Is it okay for beginners ? I haven’t played many board games. (I’ve only just managed to convince my partner they are fun!!)
        Yeah the rockabilly look is really cute, I can’t pull it off though haha

  • It was pretty easy once we got the hang of it. The hardest part is going to be for who ever is playing the Empire, because they have to set up the missions/run the game.
    If you are looking for something easy to get started with though, I’d suggest Munchkin; it kind of makes fun of dungeon crawl and paper RPG games and since cheating is encouraged even if you completely mess up with the rules the game still works. Plus you can get a score keeping app for free, so you can try the game out with just the base set with out buying all the random extras.

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