Game Night

Published April 26, 2015 by kemeah

So, earlier in the week, the hubby brought home a bunch of “bad” bananas. This is what I fed my game group this week:
I made lots of banana bread….. one of them even has strawberries! Everyone seem to enjoy it, but I have way too many leftovers. Lol

We didn’t play anything new this week, Just some more Ticket to Ride:


Baby girl wanted to help me play, she must have been good luck because I won! You’d think I’d be tired of playing this by now, but not really.

We also played more Batman Love Letters:
Had to explain to some people why the game was called Love Letters, that made for some interesting conversation.

We got distracted after that, it was a small group of us left and someone had brought in the movies for the kids so we finished out the evening watching Spirited Away. It was a nice end to the evening, no one complaining or being rude (certain people didn’t show up this week); I hope this is how gaming continues to be.
Oh! I tried out Talisman on the PC, that game is so much more fun and (quicker) when no one complains about how long the game takes…. I even almost beat the computer, but the computer plays like an asshole.
Thanks for reading!


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