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Game Night

Published May 24, 2015 by kemeah

So I got two game nights this weekend. With my mother being in town, the hubby and I had a free babysitter, lol. So we met up with his coworkers at a restaurant for snacks, drinks, and Cards Against Humanity. It started pretty fun, but one woman kept being really rude to me. I finally gave up and asked the hubby to go home, I was tired of being talked over when it was my turn. So much for date night, we were supposed to go to a movie, but we missed it playing games. I just don’t play well with others I guess.

Last night was a pretty short game night. We played Smash Up:
shash up
So, while this game allows for a large amount players with the expansions, it really plays better with a small group.
Half the group left after that so the rest of us played Batman Love Letters
love letters
This one has become a favorite of ours, lol.
We had more drama with that couple, but let’s just say its just tipped us to the point of just ignoring them. It sounds childish, but its keeping the peace.


Busy Week

Published May 24, 2015 by kemeah

So, my birthday was with week. I turned 26….whoooo…. or something. Shares left over birthday cake:
The hubby got me some awesome presents:
He got me Persona Q! I’ve been wanting to play this for a while. I haven’t tried Persona 3 yet (but I have it downloaded on my PS3), but I have played some Persona 4 and Persona 4 Arena. My bestie got me hooked. I’m loving it so far, I thought I’d get frustrated having to draw my own map, but it makes it pretty fun.
He also got me some more bath bombs:
They’re actually called “birthday fandom”, lol.
I mentioned this a few weeks back, but I love Espionage Cosmetics, you should check them out:

I’m not a big fan of holidays or special occasions (like birthdays), so my hubby kind of goes overboard on trying to make me have a good time.

My mom came out for the long weekend “since it was both of our birthdays”….. She just wanted to see the baby. Never in the 8 years I’ve lived away from home has she ever wanted to visit me, not even when I was only 6 hours away. So, I wasn’t super excited about the visit. It was nice to see her and I got to get out and about this weekend, but I know I’m not why she came to visit, I didn’t even need to be here.

But, on to happier things:
I went to an Unbirthday Tea Party! A woman in my game group put on an Alice in Wonderland themed party for her daughter and I was invited (both because the kid likes me and to keep the mom sane). I was the Cheshire Cat:
I crocheted the ears just for this, they turned out pretty good!
We played croquet with lawn flamingos:
And had tea:
She went all out on this party:
I had to start following her on Pintrest, she did amazing on this party!

I’d say this has been one of my better birthdays…..ever….. New video game,visit from family (instead of me having to travel), and cosplay party.
Thanks for reading!

Game Night

Published May 17, 2015 by kemeah

I made cupcakes for my game group again:
Yah…. They’re Hello Kitty….Occasionally I’m super girly…..
I should have baked less, I’m stuck with a bunch of leftovers. I got told thank you for a change though, I guess that’s a step up.
We got to play Cards Against Humanity:
I’m starting to enjoy this game less. I mean, its still funny but people get off on tangents and then other people get pissed other people get pissed about the game not progressing. By people, I mean that one girl I keep complaining about, she was mumbling and grumbling about my husband being chatty. Cards Against Humanity is a social game, we play it to have conversations. Maybe we just won’t play it anymore.
The night got better after she left. Someone brought in Smash Up:
smash up
This game was super fun! First I was pirates and bear cavalry and then I played as ponies and kitties! This game is random, its silly, it progresses fairly quickly and I can’t wait to play this one again. The group member who owns this one is looking to get more expansions, so those should be fun.
Bonus picture of my little geek:
Best part of everyone bringing their kids to game night is we get to watch cartoons. We watched Lego Movie and A Bug’s Life, I think we enjoyed it more than the kids did.
All and all it was a good night, I’m just really considering asking certain people to stop coming.

Game Night

Published May 10, 2015 by kemeah

I have found out just how convenient it is that I keep a bunch of games in my car. This week I had to lead some “team building” exercises at work. So I was creative:
We were supposed to be social and get to know each other better, this keeps me from being the weirdo alone in the corner.
Moving on….
So, the hubby is not very good and keeping surprises for special occasions so I ended up with an early birthday and/or mother’s day present:


Not a new game, but these bath bombs an awesome gift for a girl who loves table to gaming (there’s more in the box he won’t let me have yet). If you’ve never heard of Espionage Cosmetics, check them out:
I’m a fan, I’ve you’d their eye shadows on several of my cosplays.
So, last night was a slow game night, but fun.
mag blast
I think we’re finally getting the hang of Mag Blast, they all seem to forget the rules from turn to turn, but that makes it pretty funny.
We moved on to King of Tokyo:
So, we let one of the groups member’s 11 year old daughter play with us sometimes….. She’s waaaay too lucky with dice. It sucks to play against her for games like this, because she always wins, but she’s pretty handy to have around for games like Elder Sign, lol.
It may be bitchy of me to say, but I’m happy some group members haven’t been able to make it in a while, they’ve just caused drama lately and with out them around no one gets crabby with each other. Then again, I’m fairly convinced myself that I’m not very enjoyable to be around.

Game Night…. Actually Game Weekend

Published May 3, 2015 by kemeah

We had a picnic at work Friday….. I’m really not the best in social situations, so I grabbed some games from my car.
^This counts as playing outside, right?
We had a good time, I actually sold 3 people on the idea of buying their own copy of Tsuro… and maybe a few other things.
Then I went home and stayed up half the night playing Ticket to Ride on Steam with my bestie….. maybe getting those games on Steam was a bad idea.
For our usual game night we got to try something new:
loot letter
So for the last two Game Night posts I’ve been going on about Batman Love Letters; well, hubby found me the Munchkin version. It came with a card for the actual game as well! ^-^ Its fun, but I think I like the Batman version a little better…. Still really need to open my copy of the original game….
We also tried out Cartoon Network Fluxx:
This version has characters from when I was a kid and from shows now. The weird part though is that there aren’t any creepers in this version.
I got to teach some folks how to play King of Tokyo
I always take Mecha Godzill….erm Dragon, its my favorite for some reason. I really need to get the expansions for this…
Last game of the night was Munchkin Booty
I haven’t played this one in the while, forgot how much I liked it. Hubby played the whole game speaking in a really cheesy French accent… and won, lol.
It was a really pleasant evening; it was just hubby and I, my friend and her daughter, and one other guy who’s fiancee is out to visit him and he brought her for us to meet. So it was 3 families playing games together ^-^ No one complained, no one sat in the corner and glared at us, just a nice evening.
That’s it for now, going to go convince my bestie to play more ticket to ride with me.

Free Comic Book Day

Published May 3, 2015 by kemeah

I made myself leave the house yesterday. We took a lovely walk down town, went to my favorite coffee shop, hit up organic food store and the candy store, got some sushi……and hit up our local game shop for free comic book day!
^here’s what the hubby and I acquired. Soooooo many comics! This is the first time we’ve had some where near us that participated in this in a while. Now I have a bunch of comics to read through ^-^
Oh, baby girl and I dressed up for the occasion:
For the record I wasn’t the only one that dressed up my kid to go get free comics.
I got my top from Hot Topic, its part of their Harleen collection. The tag said it was guaranteed to help me find my own Mr. J. My own Joker, huh? I prefer my Jokers to be half boiled detectives:
(If you don’t get the joke, that’s Kamen Rider Joker).
Not to mention, when it comes to Harley Quinn romance (pun intended) I’m team Poison Ivy.