Free Comic Book Day

Published May 3, 2015 by kemeah

I made myself leave the house yesterday. We took a lovely walk down town, went to my favorite coffee shop, hit up organic food store and the candy store, got some sushi……and hit up our local game shop for free comic book day!
^here’s what the hubby and I acquired. Soooooo many comics! This is the first time we’ve had some where near us that participated in this in a while. Now I have a bunch of comics to read through ^-^
Oh, baby girl and I dressed up for the occasion:
For the record I wasn’t the only one that dressed up my kid to go get free comics.
I got my top from Hot Topic, its part of their Harleen collection. The tag said it was guaranteed to help me find my own Mr. J. My own Joker, huh? I prefer my Jokers to be half boiled detectives:
(If you don’t get the joke, that’s Kamen Rider Joker).
Not to mention, when it comes to Harley Quinn romance (pun intended) I’m team Poison Ivy.


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