Game Night…. Actually Game Weekend

Published May 3, 2015 by kemeah

We had a picnic at work Friday….. I’m really not the best in social situations, so I grabbed some games from my car.
^This counts as playing outside, right?
We had a good time, I actually sold 3 people on the idea of buying their own copy of Tsuro… and maybe a few other things.
Then I went home and stayed up half the night playing Ticket to Ride on Steam with my bestie….. maybe getting those games on Steam was a bad idea.
For our usual game night we got to try something new:
loot letter
So for the last two Game Night posts I’ve been going on about Batman Love Letters; well, hubby found me the Munchkin version. It came with a card for the actual game as well! ^-^ Its fun, but I think I like the Batman version a little better…. Still really need to open my copy of the original game….
We also tried out Cartoon Network Fluxx:
This version has characters from when I was a kid and from shows now. The weird part though is that there aren’t any creepers in this version.
I got to teach some folks how to play King of Tokyo
I always take Mecha Godzill….erm Dragon, its my favorite for some reason. I really need to get the expansions for this…
Last game of the night was Munchkin Booty
I haven’t played this one in the while, forgot how much I liked it. Hubby played the whole game speaking in a really cheesy French accent… and won, lol.
It was a really pleasant evening; it was just hubby and I, my friend and her daughter, and one other guy who’s fiancee is out to visit him and he brought her for us to meet. So it was 3 families playing games together ^-^ No one complained, no one sat in the corner and glared at us, just a nice evening.
That’s it for now, going to go convince my bestie to play more ticket to ride with me.


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