Game Night

Published May 10, 2015 by kemeah

I have found out just how convenient it is that I keep a bunch of games in my car. This week I had to lead some “team building” exercises at work. So I was creative:
We were supposed to be social and get to know each other better, this keeps me from being the weirdo alone in the corner.
Moving on….
So, the hubby is not very good and keeping surprises for special occasions so I ended up with an early birthday and/or mother’s day present:


Not a new game, but these bath bombs an awesome gift for a girl who loves table to gaming (there’s more in the box he won’t let me have yet). If you’ve never heard of Espionage Cosmetics, check them out:
I’m a fan, I’ve you’d their eye shadows on several of my cosplays.
So, last night was a slow game night, but fun.
mag blast
I think we’re finally getting the hang of Mag Blast, they all seem to forget the rules from turn to turn, but that makes it pretty funny.
We moved on to King of Tokyo:
So, we let one of the groups member’s 11 year old daughter play with us sometimes….. She’s waaaay too lucky with dice. It sucks to play against her for games like this, because she always wins, but she’s pretty handy to have around for games like Elder Sign, lol.
It may be bitchy of me to say, but I’m happy some group members haven’t been able to make it in a while, they’ve just caused drama lately and with out them around no one gets crabby with each other. Then again, I’m fairly convinced myself that I’m not very enjoyable to be around.


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