Game Night

Published May 17, 2015 by kemeah

I made cupcakes for my game group again:
Yah…. They’re Hello Kitty….Occasionally I’m super girly…..
I should have baked less, I’m stuck with a bunch of leftovers. I got told thank you for a change though, I guess that’s a step up.
We got to play Cards Against Humanity:
I’m starting to enjoy this game less. I mean, its still funny but people get off on tangents and then other people get pissed other people get pissed about the game not progressing. By people, I mean that one girl I keep complaining about, she was mumbling and grumbling about my husband being chatty. Cards Against Humanity is a social game, we play it to have conversations. Maybe we just won’t play it anymore.
The night got better after she left. Someone brought in Smash Up:
smash up
This game was super fun! First I was pirates and bear cavalry and then I played as ponies and kitties! This game is random, its silly, it progresses fairly quickly and I can’t wait to play this one again. The group member who owns this one is looking to get more expansions, so those should be fun.
Bonus picture of my little geek:
Best part of everyone bringing their kids to game night is we get to watch cartoons. We watched Lego Movie and A Bug’s Life, I think we enjoyed it more than the kids did.
All and all it was a good night, I’m just really considering asking certain people to stop coming.


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