MidWest Viking Festival

Published June 29, 2015 by kemeah

Sorry the in-laws invaded and I haven’t gotten to game for the last 2 Saturdays, I’ll be back to regularly scheduled blogging soon.

We attended the Midwest Viking Festival/Scandinavian Culture Festival on Saturday. We’ve gone the past couple of years and it is always a blast. And I had the perfect dress to wear to it:

So this festival takes place in the Hjemkomst center, which is known for the viking ship it houses. Story behind the ship here:

Outside the center they set up a viking village
The set up has a bit of a Renaissance Faire feel to it, but its more educational than fantasy based. My little one was in awe of the reenactors:
She literally sat with some of the vikings for half an hour comparing helmets. which by the way were functional:
They always put on a wonderful fighting demonstration. It is actual armor and blunted weapons so (in my opinion) much cooler than the fights at most of the ren faires I’ve been to. My little one stated asking for hugs from the reenactors:
And they were more than happy to give them to her.
Then there was the food:
Outdoor beer garden. Beer provided by Hammerheart brewery. I’m not typically a beer drinker, but I’ve enjoyed the beers I’ve tried from them.
For actual food there is a variety of foods to choose from for Scandinavian countries:
We tend to get a little bit of everything and share it.
There’s also music,story telling, information on the cultures and traditions of the various countries. Its all so much fun.
That’s what I like about where I live; we only have a few months of good weather so they make the most of it up here. In the past two weeks I’ve attended to art festivals and saw an outdoor play (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) in addition to getting to go to the Viking Festival. Well, I’m off to enjoy the peace and quiet of my in-laws finally being gone. Thanks for reading!


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