Mindful Monday

Published August 13, 2018 by kemeah

Have you seen Aggretsuko yet?


Retsuko is defiantly my new favorite Sanrio character (don’t tell Hello Kitty). She’s an adorable, over worked, under appreciated, red panda. I feel like I relate to her a lot…..and so do my friends….

My daughter was binge watching this on Netflix with me and said “Mama, that’s you!” Not when she’s singing metal songs….when she was frustrated at work.

My coworker said, “Lol, you’re Retsuko, and I’m her sarcastic friend (Fenneko)!”


Well, she’s not wrong there…I’m constantly exasperated over something or another, and my coworker just laughs things off.

And my bestie is convinced that Retsuko is my patronus….The show really does capture life in your 20s really well…..Looks suspiciously at my Hello Kitty collection….Pretty convinced that Sanrio has been spying on me now….

One thing I absolutely love about the character and an area I need to be more like her on, is the mindful ways she copes with the stress in her life. I don’t mean the excessive drinking you see her and her coworkers participate in through out the show.


That is a level of social commentary that I am not getting into right now, but I will note that it causes more problems than it solves. Her great mindful moments start out with her favorite hobby: Karaoke.


I’m not much of a singer myself (can’t carry a tune in a bucket), but I defiantly agree with her that metal is incredibly relaxing.  She unwinds at the end of a hard day screaming her emotions into a mic. At first it’s a hobby she pursues on her own, but then later she has friends that she vents to through the music.

She does not bottle everything up to release at the end of the day once she gets her karaoke room though, if she’s getting too stressed at work she takes a pause and screams her heart out into the mic she carries in her purse.


Now, blasting metal music in the bathroom, may not be acceptable at the place you work at, but Retsuko has the right idea. When everything is going crazy, take a minute, gather your thoughts, let go of what you can not control, and get back to it.

Some sort of mantra or exercise is good for this. Nothing cheesy like:


(Do Seinfeld references show my age? oh well)

Maybe it is the lyrics to a song, or the motto of your favorite comic book character, just something that will ground you so you can get back to it!

Something else Retsuko starts doing to work on her mindfulness and unwind is she takes up yoga. To be fair, her original plan was to lose weight so she could marry a rich man and never work in her hell hole of an office again. Who hasn’t had that day dream though?


Yoga not only is something that worked on her physical fitness, but it is also a form of moving mediation. As she twists herself around into one pose or another she has time to reflect and unwind from a rough day. Moving meditation is great, if you’re like me being still and trying to be in the moment is incredibly difficult, but things like yoga or trance dance are a great vehicle to let things go.

Retsuko also gains friends from these exploits.


Gori and Washimi, two strong women who work for the same company Retsuko does. They are able to provide her with a place to vent and mentorship. If they think she is doing something stupid, they’ll tell her and those are the friends you need sometimes.

To sum up, this cute little Sanrio cartoon may hit close to home when it comes to how stressful life can be, but we can take away a few good reminders on how to survive that stress:

  1. Pursue a hobby, metal karaoke is everything for Retsuko
  2. Move it! Yoga or other exercises can be used as moving meditation to bring yourself back into the moment.
  3. Good friends are the ones that will tell you when you are doing something stupid, they are not always your cheerleader, they have your best interests at heart

So, when life gets you wound up be like Retsuko. Take a moment, let go of what you can not control and get back to it!



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