Mercy Monday

Published August 27, 2018 by kemeah

After a weekend of binge playing Overwatch with my favorite people, I really got to thinking about how my main can be a reminder on how we should deal with life.

Overwatch is not the type of game I would normally gravitate to; I am not very good a shooters…or anything in first person, but I gave it a shot and sixty some odd levels later, I am a pretty decent Mercy player.


Mercy is a pretty awesome character to play….when you are on a good team. When your tanks protect her, you just spend the match healing and resurrecting your team mates as you all work to take the objective.

Normally you end up dying a lot because your left to your own devices, or because players on the other side of the map keep spamming the the “I need healing” button and you get shot down trying to get to them just so they shut up.  Then there is the cases where Mercy has to take matters in her own hands and be battle Mercy, shooting down the enemy to get to your ally that needs to be resurrected.

Mercy_Overwatch_001.0 The neat thing about playing as her is that even though she has pretty low health, she heals herself slowly as you keep going. Sometimes if you’ve been hit you just need to step back behind cover, and let yourself heal before you keep going.

We need to do that for ourselves sometimes too. We get busy running around taking care of others at home or at work, solving problems and saving the day. As we do this though, we take hits, it wears us down and if we keep going no stop we’re going to burn out and are no longer be helpful.

So we need to step back behind cover and let ourselves recover our own hit points. Self care is very important for us to do. It seems like a horrifically selfish thing to do, especially when everything around you seems to be going crazy, but if you do not take care of you , you can not take care of anything or anyone else. Just like Mercy, if you do not let her step back and heal, she dies and when she respawns she now has to catch up to the rest of her team to get back to doing her job.

For us that moment of mindfulness, that long walk, that bubble bath, that coffee break are very important. Yes, self care goes much deeper than these things at times (note to self….remember to take meds), but doing a small act that may seem selfish helps clear your mind so you can keep going.

You also can not always make it to the other side of the map to help your allies in time and that’s ok too. Say no to volunteering this weekend, or to helping plan the office party. Focus on what you can get done and do not take on too much extra to keep yourself from being overwhelmed, otherwise you’re not going to be helpful anywhere. It sucks saying no, especially when people have come to expect you to say yes to everything they they ask you to do. You got to take care of yourself. Mercy can’t resurrect everyone, and you can’t take on every side project that comes your way. Say no sometimes, preserve your sanity.

Its a tough thing to stick too, I am very guilty of taking on too much. Honestly, yelling at the screen playing as Mercy hit very close to home that I can not help everyone and that I need to look out for myself at times. So just like improving my gaming, self care is something I am working on.


So, when you start getting overwhelmed, remember be like Mercy, take a moment, let yourself recharge and then get back to the fight.


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