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Back at it Again

Published August 1, 2018 by kemeah

Well, this blog has been dead for a while. So, if you are an old follower and I am randomly popping up on your feed after years, um….hi!

Let’s try to figure out how to survive this crazy thing call life together. I want to start looking at resiliency in nerdom. What lessons can we learn from our fictional favs? I am far from perfect, so writing these pieces will be great reminders to myself.

Today, let’s talk Princess Kenny:


Old news in the South Park world, but with the new DLC for Fractured But Whole out my avatar is wearing this costume and it is definitely one of my favorite things they’ve done with Kenny.

When the kids of South Park play Game of Thrones (and anything surrounding Stick of Truth) Kenny decides he wants to be a princess. So, he puts on a dress and is as kawaii as he wants to be. Kenny does not let anyone tell him he can not be a princess. When Cartman tells him that he can’t, Kenny switches sides in the console wars to keep being his royal self.

So what am I saying? You be you. Be the princess you want to be (yes, that counts you guys too). Wear that weird shade of lipstick. Rock that crop top. Express yourself. And when someone tries to tear you down, do not give them the time of day. Move on and keep being your cute self; it’ll be their loss, not your’s. Be like Princess Kenny, be awesome.


On a side note, if you haven’t played Stick of Truth or Fractured But Whole I recommend them both. As long as you can stand fart based super powers and well, South Park’s crass take on social commentary, they are really fun and a “easy” version of an RPG game.  Plus, video games are a great way to unwind and de-stress, in moderation of course, but that’s another discussion for another time.