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Halloween Party

Published October 25, 2015 by kemeah

Last night I went to a Halloween party thrown by a friend of my hubby’s. I went as Wednesday Addams:

full body

This costume was probably a good move for me, because it gave me an excuse not to smile. I was in character instead of feeling awkward in a room full of people I didn’t know. I was in character instead of being annoyed that the hostess pulled on my wig. I was in character instead of being pissed that the couple’s damn dog kept trying to hump the party guests (my baby included).
Its damn unnerving to be in a room full of people that all know each other, except for you. I’m pretty sure I was invited over as a decoration for the party, not as a guest. The hostess thinks the nerd goth thing I’ve got going on is fascinating….or, whatever…
I eventually went and grabbed a bag of games out of my car (all ways a game mistress I suppose)and set up in the living room to play with the few other people not engrossed in conversation, which included someone’s kid that got dragged along. For the record… I tried mingling… I promise….Hell, I think I have met some of those people before….But, other than comments on how cute my baby was, I didn’t really get any conversation out of anyone. My baby is super cute though:
Well, I think that event counted as my reminder that I’m really not fun at parties (which explains why no one comes to mine), but I did get a lot of candy out of the ordeal:
The things I do for candy….


Color Run

Published August 31, 2015 by kemeah

Here is a woman who came to the realization that she paid money to get up early on a Saturday to run a 5K.
So, Saturday was my second color run; I didn’t think I was going to get to participate this year due to all the medical problems I’ve had this year, but I was given the ok to start running again.
It was someone else’s second color run too:
before and after
I was pregnant with her when I ran last year; this year I had a running buddy!
She was cheering all the runners on and even got her own finisher’s medal!
It defiantly wasn’t my fastest time, my leg was acting up and we blew a tire on the stroller, but we had a fun, messy time. We even saw a unicorn:

It was a good time, if you’ve never done a color run and it comes to your area defiantly do it!

Game Night

Published July 26, 2015 by kemeah

So my game group was created as a way to survive the winter of the frozen north, so attendance is pretty low in the summer. So sorry for the gaps in posting.
We played some new games last night, well this first one isn’t “new” just a different version:
adventure time
Hubby bought Adventure Time Munchkin.
It plays like any other version, though with the Dungeon Crawl addition its most comparable to Munchkin Cthulhu or Apocalypse. Very fun and adorable, but may have run a bit smoother if more of the players had been familiar with the Land of Ooo. Especially considering you play as a character from Adventure Time, I was Fiona!

The other game we played was:
Someone brought Krosmaster Arena. We seem to run into this issue of no one reading the rules to a new game until we want to try and play it, but we managed to stumble our way through a basic version of the game. Basically you move around the board and beat each other up. It was enjoyable, wouldn’t mind trying it again.

That’s it for now, short sweet and to the point. Thanks for reading!

MidWest Viking Festival

Published June 29, 2015 by kemeah

Sorry the in-laws invaded and I haven’t gotten to game for the last 2 Saturdays, I’ll be back to regularly scheduled blogging soon.

We attended the Midwest Viking Festival/Scandinavian Culture Festival on Saturday. We’ve gone the past couple of years and it is always a blast. And I had the perfect dress to wear to it:

So this festival takes place in the Hjemkomst center, which is known for the viking ship it houses. Story behind the ship here:

Outside the center they set up a viking village
The set up has a bit of a Renaissance Faire feel to it, but its more educational than fantasy based. My little one was in awe of the reenactors:
She literally sat with some of the vikings for half an hour comparing helmets. which by the way were functional:
They always put on a wonderful fighting demonstration. It is actual armor and blunted weapons so (in my opinion) much cooler than the fights at most of the ren faires I’ve been to. My little one stated asking for hugs from the reenactors:
And they were more than happy to give them to her.
Then there was the food:
Outdoor beer garden. Beer provided by Hammerheart brewery. I’m not typically a beer drinker, but I’ve enjoyed the beers I’ve tried from them.
For actual food there is a variety of foods to choose from for Scandinavian countries:
We tend to get a little bit of everything and share it.
There’s also music,story telling, information on the cultures and traditions of the various countries. Its all so much fun.
That’s what I like about where I live; we only have a few months of good weather so they make the most of it up here. In the past two weeks I’ve attended to art festivals and saw an outdoor play (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) in addition to getting to go to the Viking Festival. Well, I’m off to enjoy the peace and quiet of my in-laws finally being gone. Thanks for reading!

Casual Cosplay

Published April 26, 2015 by kemeah

Don’t know why, just felt like dressing up this weekend:
Finally tried on my Han Solo dress. But, Kemeah May the 4 is coming up you should have just worn it then! I work that day, besides like this is the only Star Wars outfit I have. :p
I wore this to my game night, too bad the guy that owns Imperial Assault moved away, I was really in the mood to play a smuggler that gets to shoot first.

Today we took baby girl to the pool for the first time. I wore my Hipster Ariel costume (minus the wig)

Ok, So its really only “hipster” Ariel because I wear really big glasses.


I got a new bow to wear with it so, I was kind of excited. She had fun, I had fun, hubby went down the kiddie slide, we all had fun. Exercise in cosplay… always fun.

I guess you can say I had a Disney dress up weekend. Its finally starting to warm up here so I can wear all my “fun” clothes again.

Game Night

Published April 26, 2015 by kemeah

So, earlier in the week, the hubby brought home a bunch of “bad” bananas. This is what I fed my game group this week:
I made lots of banana bread….. one of them even has strawberries! Everyone seem to enjoy it, but I have way too many leftovers. Lol

We didn’t play anything new this week, Just some more Ticket to Ride:


Baby girl wanted to help me play, she must have been good luck because I won! You’d think I’d be tired of playing this by now, but not really.

We also played more Batman Love Letters:
Had to explain to some people why the game was called Love Letters, that made for some interesting conversation.

We got distracted after that, it was a small group of us left and someone had brought in the movies for the kids so we finished out the evening watching Spirited Away. It was a nice end to the evening, no one complaining or being rude (certain people didn’t show up this week); I hope this is how gaming continues to be.
Oh! I tried out Talisman on the PC, that game is so much more fun and (quicker) when no one complains about how long the game takes…. I even almost beat the computer, but the computer plays like an asshole.
Thanks for reading!