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Game Night

Published October 4, 2015 by kemeah

Last night, the hubby and I managed to pull ourselves away from binge watching Gravity Falls long enough to play a couple of games with another family.
We tried out Munchkin Steampunk:
munchkin steampunk
Of course I like steampunk, it combines two of my favorite things: science fiction and Victorian fashion (goth).
It was fun and, as usual, full of punny cards:
I think this one would mix pretty well with Munchkin Oz, may have to try that….
Then I finally got to try out Love2Hate.
It more or less plays like Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples minus having to google people’s names.
We had a blast with it and we were able to let our friend’s 12 year old play (sure, she’s played Cards Against Humanity, but this didn’t go over her head quite as much.

That’s all we played because we all decided to go get ice cream… Pumpkin pecan ice cream exists….Its amazing….


New Games

Published August 10, 2015 by kemeah

So, I tried out a couple new games this past weekend:
Munchkin Oz! I’m so glad I found this(Target exclusive); My obsession with the works of L Frank Baum as a child was about the only thing that rivaled my obsession with Star Wars.
So, the game is not based on The Wizard of Oz movie; its based on the books. I’m pretty sure I even stumbled across a The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus reference on a card. Seriously, they even have Dorthy in her silver slippers and use the Tin Man’s real name. 🙂
Oh, but you don’t get to play as a munchkin.
Its just as fun as any other Munchkin game; just a bit extra fangirling involved.
We also played Exploding Kittens:
If you’re not familiar, The Oatmeal ran a Kickstarter for a Russian Roulette style card game. It also came in NSFW:
nsf kittens
It was super fun, once we got the hang of it. And the box meows!
Well, that’s enough rambling for now…. thanks for reading!

Game Night

Published July 26, 2015 by kemeah

So my game group was created as a way to survive the winter of the frozen north, so attendance is pretty low in the summer. So sorry for the gaps in posting.
We played some new games last night, well this first one isn’t “new” just a different version:
adventure time
Hubby bought Adventure Time Munchkin.
It plays like any other version, though with the Dungeon Crawl addition its most comparable to Munchkin Cthulhu or Apocalypse. Very fun and adorable, but may have run a bit smoother if more of the players had been familiar with the Land of Ooo. Especially considering you play as a character from Adventure Time, I was Fiona!

The other game we played was:
Someone brought Krosmaster Arena. We seem to run into this issue of no one reading the rules to a new game until we want to try and play it, but we managed to stumble our way through a basic version of the game. Basically you move around the board and beat each other up. It was enjoyable, wouldn’t mind trying it again.

That’s it for now, short sweet and to the point. Thanks for reading!

Game Night

Published May 10, 2015 by kemeah

I have found out just how convenient it is that I keep a bunch of games in my car. This week I had to lead some “team building” exercises at work. So I was creative:
We were supposed to be social and get to know each other better, this keeps me from being the weirdo alone in the corner.
Moving on….
So, the hubby is not very good and keeping surprises for special occasions so I ended up with an early birthday and/or mother’s day present:


Not a new game, but these bath bombs an awesome gift for a girl who loves table to gaming (there’s more in the box he won’t let me have yet). If you’ve never heard of Espionage Cosmetics, check them out:
I’m a fan, I’ve you’d their eye shadows on several of my cosplays.
So, last night was a slow game night, but fun.
mag blast
I think we’re finally getting the hang of Mag Blast, they all seem to forget the rules from turn to turn, but that makes it pretty funny.
We moved on to King of Tokyo:
So, we let one of the groups member’s 11 year old daughter play with us sometimes….. She’s waaaay too lucky with dice. It sucks to play against her for games like this, because she always wins, but she’s pretty handy to have around for games like Elder Sign, lol.
It may be bitchy of me to say, but I’m happy some group members haven’t been able to make it in a while, they’ve just caused drama lately and with out them around no one gets crabby with each other. Then again, I’m fairly convinced myself that I’m not very enjoyable to be around.

Game Night

Published April 26, 2015 by kemeah

So, earlier in the week, the hubby brought home a bunch of “bad” bananas. This is what I fed my game group this week:
I made lots of banana bread….. one of them even has strawberries! Everyone seem to enjoy it, but I have way too many leftovers. Lol

We didn’t play anything new this week, Just some more Ticket to Ride:


Baby girl wanted to help me play, she must have been good luck because I won! You’d think I’d be tired of playing this by now, but not really.

We also played more Batman Love Letters:
Had to explain to some people why the game was called Love Letters, that made for some interesting conversation.

We got distracted after that, it was a small group of us left and someone had brought in the movies for the kids so we finished out the evening watching Spirited Away. It was a nice end to the evening, no one complaining or being rude (certain people didn’t show up this week); I hope this is how gaming continues to be.
Oh! I tried out Talisman on the PC, that game is so much more fun and (quicker) when no one complains about how long the game takes…. I even almost beat the computer, but the computer plays like an asshole.
Thanks for reading!

Game Night

Published April 19, 2015 by kemeah

So I’ve spent most of my week playing Ticket to Ride on my computer, Last night I got to play it IRL
My hubby got the 10th anniversary edition of the game. Everything is bigger, the board the cards, the trains. Oh and the trains look really cool
The red train is a circus train and the cars have little giraffes sticking out!

We also tried out Batman Love Letters
Its really fun; I took a risk ordering this one, I have Love Letters but no one’s wanted to play it.

After that most people went home hubby was playing Warhammer so we were still there a while. That guy drug his girlfriend along again. She sat in the corner and stared at us while we were playing Love Letters, accused us of stealing her food (OMG she spoke to me),kept preventing the baby from falling asleep, and then when the guys were done playing Warhammer she proceeded to bitch my hubby out because I fell asleep on the couch even though is was her boyfriend that butted into the game and made it take forever. Seriously if you’re going to be pissy about how long game night takes quit showing up.
Sorry I keep complaining about this, I’m just tired of walking on egg shells at MY game night because I might offend the chick my hubby’s friend is sleeping with. I’m sure I’ll get an earful because we asked if she wanted to play Ticket to Ride with us. I love playing these games, but people like this are making me feel unwelcome in my own group, I kinda want to quit playing.

TableTop Day

Published April 12, 2015 by kemeah

So yesterday was International TableTop Day.

It marked the 2 year anniversary of my game group being together, so I made cupcakes:

We kind of had a small group last night, but we had fun:

I got to try Mag Blast:
mag blast
Its pretty fun and if you’re a sci-fi nerd you’re going to get a giggle out of the cards in this game.

It seems to be a TableTop Day tradition for me to teach people how to play Munchkin:
We played Munchkin Pathfinder. Our guests were a little confused by the fact that you’re allowed to cheat and back stab, but they had fun.

And of course this was requested:
You can tell a lot about people by what they find funny in this game.

For the most part I’d say TableTop Day went really well, considering the very first year we only had 4 people and way too much pizza. What annoys me, though, is not only did the person who was supposed to help me plan the event not do anything he promised he would, he shows up to the room we reserved for TableTop Day with his Pathfinder group. None of the say so much as hello to me, but they take up most of the room and eat all the snacks I bought/made. I guess they made it pretty clear that I’m not wanted around just my food and my games. Silly me thinking that people actually wanted me around, eventually I’ll learn.

So if you missed out on TableTop Day’s events or just want more, you should really check out this weeks Humble Bundle:
They have a bunch of digital versions of popular Tabletop games.
I’m excited because this means I finally get to play board games with my bestie. >.<

As always thanks for reading my rants and ramblings.