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Halloween Party

Published October 25, 2015 by kemeah

Last night I went to a Halloween party thrown by a friend of my hubby’s. I went as Wednesday Addams:

full body

This costume was probably a good move for me, because it gave me an excuse not to smile. I was in character instead of feeling awkward in a room full of people I didn’t know. I was in character instead of being annoyed that the hostess pulled on my wig. I was in character instead of being pissed that the couple’s damn dog kept trying to hump the party guests (my baby included).
Its damn unnerving to be in a room full of people that all know each other, except for you. I’m pretty sure I was invited over as a decoration for the party, not as a guest. The hostess thinks the nerd goth thing I’ve got going on is fascinating….or, whatever…
I eventually went and grabbed a bag of games out of my car (all ways a game mistress I suppose)and set up in the living room to play with the few other people not engrossed in conversation, which included someone’s kid that got dragged along. For the record… I tried mingling… I promise….Hell, I think I have met some of those people before….But, other than comments on how cute my baby was, I didn’t really get any conversation out of anyone. My baby is super cute though:
Well, I think that event counted as my reminder that I’m really not fun at parties (which explains why no one comes to mine), but I did get a lot of candy out of the ordeal:
The things I do for candy….



Published October 18, 2015 by kemeah

We spent a decent portion of yesterday at ValleyCon.
Its a fairly small, local convention; I described it to someone yesterday as a costumed swapmeet. It was super fun, some of the vendors even remembered us from other events!
I went as Ariel:
I could not find a decent mermaid outfit for my little one, so she was Snow White instead:
Hey, at least we rocked the princess theme.
My kid is super sociable (so, the opposite of her mama) and she had a great time getting to talk to everyone at the con.
I lucked into a bunch of Kamen Rider toys:
kamen rider
The vendor didn’t know or care what the were and just wanted rid of them so I got them for cheap. So, all and all a super fun day.

Any Excuse to Cosplay

Published August 2, 2015 by kemeah

So, I have found that I don’t have any “old” clothes that still fit; fortunately for me, I can fit in hubby’s clothes. Why do I mention this? Well we went shooting yesterday and I needed to borrow some clothes to get dirty in…..That turned into a cosplay day:
What he lent me was one of his Metal Gear uniforms, and then dressed to match:
We met up with his friend from work and had a decent time shooting
Oh and we played BattleShip
Yah, I might need to stick to actual tabletop games….

Busy Week

Published May 24, 2015 by kemeah

So, my birthday was with week. I turned 26….whoooo…. or something. Shares left over birthday cake:
The hubby got me some awesome presents:
He got me Persona Q! I’ve been wanting to play this for a while. I haven’t tried Persona 3 yet (but I have it downloaded on my PS3), but I have played some Persona 4 and Persona 4 Arena. My bestie got me hooked. I’m loving it so far, I thought I’d get frustrated having to draw my own map, but it makes it pretty fun.
He also got me some more bath bombs:
They’re actually called “birthday fandom”, lol.
I mentioned this a few weeks back, but I love Espionage Cosmetics, you should check them out:

I’m not a big fan of holidays or special occasions (like birthdays), so my hubby kind of goes overboard on trying to make me have a good time.

My mom came out for the long weekend “since it was both of our birthdays”….. She just wanted to see the baby. Never in the 8 years I’ve lived away from home has she ever wanted to visit me, not even when I was only 6 hours away. So, I wasn’t super excited about the visit. It was nice to see her and I got to get out and about this weekend, but I know I’m not why she came to visit, I didn’t even need to be here.

But, on to happier things:
I went to an Unbirthday Tea Party! A woman in my game group put on an Alice in Wonderland themed party for her daughter and I was invited (both because the kid likes me and to keep the mom sane). I was the Cheshire Cat:
I crocheted the ears just for this, they turned out pretty good!
We played croquet with lawn flamingos:
And had tea:
She went all out on this party:
I had to start following her on Pintrest, she did amazing on this party!

I’d say this has been one of my better birthdays…..ever….. New video game,visit from family (instead of me having to travel), and cosplay party.
Thanks for reading!

Fargo ComicCon

Published March 1, 2015 by kemeah

Yesterday we went to the Fargo (yes, that Fargo) ComicCon. Its not a very big con, honestly its not much more than a dealer’s den and video games, but it was $7 to get dressed up, get out of the house and have some fun.
I was Hello Kitty:
hello kitty
I crocheted the ears myself:
Vaulta Fett made another appearance and this time he had an adorable R2 unit with him:
vaulta fett
So, yes, It was baby’s first con and everyone thought she was cute. She had a blast getting to interact with people. All and all it was a pretty good day.


Published December 29, 2014 by kemeah


Its been a great year of getting dressed up and having adventures.

From the top left:

Death Note Twilight Sparkle: I wore this day 3 of AniMinneapolis. Some random guy proposed to me and then tried to fight my hubby for my affection…. Hubby stomped him in Mech Warrior.

Pikachu: This was Day 2 of AniMinneapolis, the hubby was a Team Rocket member. We got to meet Linkara who happened to be dressed as Ash.

Asuka: Day 1 of AniMinneapolis. Took the hubby to a hentai panel, it was hilarious.

Gala Fluttershy: Wore this to the dance at AniMinneapolis. I got so many hugs wearing this one, plus I was given an apple…. I have learned nothing from Snow White.

Cheshire Alice: This was Day 1 of Anime Weekend Atlanta. I got to assist my bestie in running his horror gaming panel. It was awesome, we had a packed house.

Pinkie Pie: Day 3 of Anime Weekend Atlanta. The dress was a last minute wardrobe change. My bestie was wearing a red Power Ranger shirt, people thought we intentionally were doing a retro/childhood memories thing.

Star Trek Officer: I wore this to ValleyCon. Most of my compliments came from older gentlemen. The 501st tried to pick on me for being a “trekkie”, then realized I was being escorted by a Mandalorian.

Philip/Kamen Rider W: Day 2 of Anime Weekend Atlanta. The bestie and I were two halves of the same detective. I can’t believe I got him to dress up with me. We even participated in a photo shoot!

Elf: I wore this outfit to two Renaissance Faires. The one in Muskogee Ok, which was awful; I had someone yell at me for wearing my tails and a vendor throw peanuts at me because I wouldn’t buy any. Then I wore it to the one in Minnesota, that was so much fun the hubby and I went with another couple. The only down side to that weekend was the mild car wreck we got into on the way there.

Freddy Krueger: I wore this to work at a haunted trail I got roped into helping a friend with. It was as fun as it was cold out.

Hipster Ariel: Worn to any con with a pool. Best reaction I got was someone was surprised I was wearing a wig in the pool.

Vault Girl: This was for the BooBees 5k which was a fund raiser for cancer research. The hubby was dressed to match.

Pink Power Ranger: This was for the Fargo ComicCon. We didn’t stay long, I ended up in Toys R Us looking at Power Rangers figures and getting dirty looks from some kids’ mom.

Little things

Published November 5, 2014 by kemeah

I’ve really had a hard time staying in a good mood lately. Everything thing stresses me out: I have so much stuff to get done at work, people like to tell me I’m doing the pregnant thing wrong, articles on the internet telling me how bad stress is for me, etc…
The one plus side to being this gloomy is that little things cheer me up more than they should. I got to skype with my best friend last night, I haven’t seen him since AWA and he’s been really busy so we’ve only gotten to text a little. We don’t normally talk unless we’re gaming, but getting to see him really cheered me up. Then today I got something in the mail (Like something for me not baby stuffs)
I got my GaMERCat plushie! I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever for him to get here!
If you’re not familiar check the web comic out here:
I figured this was the perfect excuse to try out the wig I got in my post Halloween clearance raid. Not too bad for a clearance Wal Mart wig.
^Better pic of my new buddy.
Sorry for the excited ramblings, thanks for putting up with them.