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October, the perfect excuse for Cosplay

Published October 26, 2014 by kemeah

It seems every weekend in October this year I’ve had an excuse to get dressed up. Friday we went to a costume party. I was a cat/ witch’s familiar
I made new ears just for it. I’m really happy how they turned out; I managed to find a way to make the fuzzy yarn turn out less floppy. More experimenting with this to follow. I didn’t enter the costume contest, the competition was sexy cop, another sexy cop, and a sexy firefighter…. No point in bothering.

Yesterday we went to ValleyCon, its a small local con that’s pretty much a dealer’s den and an excuse to cosplay and people watch.
I did a casual Star Trek cosplay, yah I’m at that point where if you know I’m pregnant it’s all “aww she’s starting to show”, if not it looks like I’m having a fat day :/
The handsome mandalorian next to me is my hubby’s latest creation: Vaulta Fett the mando merchant from vault 101. He already has a few fans:
Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to be for Halloween when I pass out candy on Friday.


Haunted Trail

Published October 12, 2014 by kemeah

October is always an interesting month for me. Between being the only “creepy goth chick” everyone around here knows and being a cosplayer I tend to get asked to help run events or to lend people my clothes, costumes, make up, jewelry, etc. So in others words, its the time of year when everyone suddenly acknowledges that I exist. Lol
Well, one of the guys in my game group got “voluntold” to run a haunted trail and had a week to get it put together. So, I actually helped with a Halloween event this year. (and lent someone of the other volunteers my make up). We actually managed to acquire a bunch of old decorations for my work’s booster club (we’re moving to a temp building while our’s is getting renovated so, I solved 2 problems at once). I also made a bunch of these:
Just a suggestion if you want to try to make them: I added tin foil to the back of the inside and duct tapped off the ends so the light would shine better out of the eyes.
I had to scramble to find a scary costume, I think I did a decent job finding one:
R63 Freddy Krueger. The dress is actually a sweater dress so it has re-wear use out of it; the whole thing cost just about the same as buying a satin costume from places like Party City. I got it from Hot Topic by the way; say what you want about them, but they occasionally get good stuff still. It was a big hit, even the younger kids knew who I was. (they all wanted to touch the claws).
Ugh, I’m actually starting to look pregnant a bit. I’ll be honest, its making me feel self-conscious. I think I look pudgy and I’m worried about people making fun of my size in my costumes, even after I tell everyone what’s going on. My hubby and my couple of guy friends I told are actually excited its starting to be noticeable. They’ve been so concerned about me, and I’ll be honest even with as stubborn as I’m being, its appreciated.
Anyway, considering we only had a week to throw it together, the trail was a big hit! Spiders, zombies, clowns, and chainsaws oh my! I took tickets at the entrance (I got stuck with that because my buddy wanted to make sure I had somewhere to sit down,lol), and I was a little shocked that some of the parents were letting their really little kids go down this trail (there was also a kids trail, we were running the adult one). They were almost offended when I’d stop them and warn them (I get it everyone is scared by different things), but a good portion of them either turned around and left or started begging the actors not to scare their kid. Soooooo, you take your 6 year old down a trail that’s aimed at scaring teens and adults and you get upset that its scary? Other than that minor stupidity, it went really well. We had a big turn out despite it being cold out. My buddy did a fantastic job getting everything put together and running it.