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Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Published August 22, 2015 by kemeah

Occasionally I get asked about my makeup, so I decided to put together a post on how I do my everyday makeup.
Ok, here’s me without any makeup on. Yes, I know I look like I don’t get enough sleep, or don’t look “ok” (as my boss would say). I’m fine, I promise.
So, we’ll start with foundation:
I’ve always kind of just put it in a cross shape on my face and the rub it in. I’m using Covergirl ivory, because even after forcing myself outside all summer, I’m still super pale. I can’t actually recommend a brand of foundation, because it really just depends on your skin tone. For example ivory in a different brand doesn’t work for me.
I found this bronzer I really like; I apply a light coat of it over top of my foundation to help blend it in. I actually don’t wear blush unless it a special occasion (cosplay, office holiday parties, getting photos done), but this even helps blend that in. You can skip this part if you don’t want two layers of gunk on your face, or just use this instead of foundation.
Now that I’ve made my face all one color, time to add some more back in:
Today I’m wearing white eyeliner ( I wear black to work all week). Apply it to both top eyelids; now for the bottom, I’m filling it in all the way, half way looks pretty nice too. If you want a thicker line, Blackheart (carried at Hot Topic)has some pretty decent eye crayons in very fun colors. Works a little better than trying to color it all in with a pencil.
Now that you have your eyeliner on:
Choose 3 eye shadow colors:
If you’re really not sure what colors would go together nicely brands like Covergirl and E.L.F. or Hard Candy have pre-done sets that work pretty well (I went on an E.L.F. beauty book binge after last Halloween…easiest way to get cheap black eye shadow), but if you are looking for colors that really “pop” I have a few recommendations. If you’re a loose powder type of person I recommend Espionage Cosmetics:
Ok, so its makeup marketed to nerds….
If you don’t want that kind of mess, Blackheart its pretty fun:
Once you’ve chosen:
Color #1 goes from your eyeliner all the way to your eyebrow. I recommend a light color: pink, tan, white, etc.
Apply color #2 over top of the first from your eyeliner to roughly the crease of your eye, little more little less all good.
Color #3 goes over color #2 along your eyeliner, just enough to add a little extra color.
Once you’re happy with you’re eye shadow, add a little mascara.
Miss Manga is my current favorite….it gives you “anime eyes” lol. A smaller brush may work better for your lower lashes, but eh…I’ve only poked myself in the eye once or twice.
Now apply some lipstick:
Again, Blackheart is a personal favorite, their lipstick lasts a good part of the day and it comes in fun colors. Good Goth also carries some unique colors:
Now you’re done:
If you wear glasses, don’t worry this still looks amazing with them on:
This whole process takes me roughly 5 minutes in the morning. It also works amazingly with “work appropriate” colors. So, bright colors, dark colors, SFW colors this works with any thing.
Um, this the first “how to” anything I’ve done. If you liked it, have questions, or requests let me know. I can do another: formal, cosplay, rainbow eyes, leopard print etc.
As always thanks for reading.