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Published October 18, 2015 by kemeah

We spent a decent portion of yesterday at ValleyCon.
Its a fairly small, local convention; I described it to someone yesterday as a costumed swapmeet. It was super fun, some of the vendors even remembered us from other events!
I went as Ariel:
I could not find a decent mermaid outfit for my little one, so she was Snow White instead:
Hey, at least we rocked the princess theme.
My kid is super sociable (so, the opposite of her mama) and she had a great time getting to talk to everyone at the con.
I lucked into a bunch of Kamen Rider toys:
kamen rider
The vendor didn’t know or care what the were and just wanted rid of them so I got them for cheap. So, all and all a super fun day.


Casual Cosplay

Published April 26, 2015 by kemeah

Don’t know why, just felt like dressing up this weekend:
Finally tried on my Han Solo dress. But, Kemeah May the 4 is coming up you should have just worn it then! I work that day, besides like this is the only Star Wars outfit I have. :p
I wore this to my game night, too bad the guy that owns Imperial Assault moved away, I was really in the mood to play a smuggler that gets to shoot first.

Today we took baby girl to the pool for the first time. I wore my Hipster Ariel costume (minus the wig)

Ok, So its really only “hipster” Ariel because I wear really big glasses.


I got a new bow to wear with it so, I was kind of excited. She had fun, I had fun, hubby went down the kiddie slide, we all had fun. Exercise in cosplay… always fun.

I guess you can say I had a Disney dress up weekend. Its finally starting to warm up here so I can wear all my “fun” clothes again.